Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine

Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine

Hi! It’s me, Eunice.

Many of you guys asked to see hair tutorials, so I thought it would be wonderful to introduce you my natural simple waves without a curling iron but by using just a scarf! And also many of you guys have complimented me for my healthy hair so I wanted to share a daily natural hair care routine as well! Especially for me, my hair may look healthy but it is really damaged! So you guys will understand me when I say most of the days I don’t want to use a curling iron just because my hair is too damaged already.

Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine
Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine
Step 1)

After washing your hair, let’s make our hair healthy by using an ampule

For waves to stay for a long time, the hair has to be healthy. If it’s really dry or too damaged then no matter how beautiful your wave is, it will easily go away and become messy soon. Since my hair is damaged right now, before I put in the waves I’m going to use an ampule to care for my hair. Put the right amount on your palm then put it on your wet hair or dry hair and massage. Put it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off with warm water! If you massage it to your wet hair, the ampule reacts with the water to create warm heat and at the same time turns into a creamy texture. This process boosts the effect of the nourishment that soaks into your hair.

Repeat 1-2 times a week and

1) your hair will become soft and shiny

2) it will form a protective layer for your hair to protect it from being damaged of harmful environmental materials

3) this premium ampule will quickly restore your hair’s health.

This ampule has 100% Argan oil in it to take care of your damaged hair’s both inside and outside. It gives nourishment to the ends of your damaged hair to make it healthier and prevent split ends.

Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine
Step 2)

Dry your hair lightly with the blow dryer and brush your tangled hair

I dry my hair lightly with the dryer and I use the Eye Candy brush to brush my hair. I really like this brush because this brush can be used for straight hair, wave perm hair, and all types of hairs without getting it tangled.  How does this work? There is a “S” wave curl so that through this there is something called “Air Hole”. Your hair passes through this hole naturally and makes your hair soft. This is not all! One of the other reasons why I like this brush is because it gives a natural volume to flat hair.  Plus it has bold tips at the end of the brush to stimulate your scalp as less as possible and at the same time massing it. So this will also make your scalp healthy. Not only does it untangle my hair but it makes my hair look soft and shiny so how can I not love it? Oh not to mention that it’s tiny so I can carry it around my makeup bag and it’s a stand type so I can make it stand on my desk also.

Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine
Step 3)

Making waves with just a scarf

After drying your hair completely, brush your hair. Then, it’s time to put the waves in your hair. Divide your hair into 3 or 4 sections. Get one section and with the scarf folded in half, braid your hair inward and outward in zigzag motion.

With the left over hair at the end twist it together with the scarf. Then with a dryer, blow dry for about 3 minutes. You need to be careful because it can get hot!

Then, if you just pull out the scarf it can get bushy so carefully from the bottom to the top, untangle to braid and take out the scarf.

And tada! You will be left with beautiful natural wave! Repeat the step with the other sections of hair left.

You just need to repeat the steps maybe 3-4 times so it’s very easy but if you are like me, who is not a morning person and don’t have time to do this in the morning, then I have another tip for you! Before you go to bed, after drying your wet hair, do the same thing by braiding your hair with a scarf and go to bed. Then the next morning, you will be left with natural wave.

Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine
Step 4)

Put on mist to your finished wave hair for moisture and elasticity.

From 5-10 mm away from your hair, spray the mist and then massage it in. The Argan Gold Treatment Mist that I use is made out of 100% Argan Oil and it has gold ingredient in it so it shows the dyed color of my hair really well. Not only that but it gives elasticity and luster for my hair.

Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine
Step 5)

Finish off your hair style by getting rid of your baby hair!

Okay! So you have this beautiful natural wave but if you have baby hair sticking out of everywhere that’s a no-no! It won’t look complete and it will look messy. Use the setting cara to brush your baby hair. The setting cara looks like a mascara and when you open it and take it out you will see a brush and clear liquid. Thanks to this brush, you don’t have to get the liquid on your hands. Make sure you get the right amount and brush your baby hair and after 1-2 minutes it will organize your baby hair. And don’t worry, it won’t make your hair look sticky or oily at all but it will leave your hair looking soft fresh. You can use it for the top part of your head, your side burns, or even when you have a up-do hair style, you can organize the hair take sticks out. It’s so small so it’s really comfortable to carry around everywhere and use it any time I need it!

Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine

Bonus Tip

Because this is a natural hair care wave made by a little bit of heat without a curling iron, it’s easily to go away because of the wind and so on. It’s good to put on an essence that has the function to for the waves to stay in place for a long time. Apply a small amount on your hands and apply to hair in an upward scrunching motion.

This will of course hold the curls in its’ place and make it soft and give it volume also.

Wa-La! Do you like my hair style? How did you guys today’s hair tutorial? self curls that I made with such a scarf? I hope u guys can also get beautiful and natural hair care  waves like me so easily!


Natural Hair Care and Styling Routine


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