3 Natural Beauty Korean Skincare Tricks We Absolutely Love

3 Natural Beauty Korean Skincare Tricks We Absolutely Love

Hi beautiful people!

Today I will be sharing my absolutely favorite natural beauty hacks and tricks that Korean skincare has taught me over the years. These little tricks and changes you can add into your Korean skincare routine can make a big difference for healthier skin. So without further ado, let’s start!

1: Pat Pat Pat

This natural beauty trick I learned from Korean skincare was one that revolutionized my skin and it is one of the most simplest ones of all time! Instead of “rubbing”, “whipping”, or “massaging” your skincare products onto your skin, pat them in!

A patting motion instead of spreading actually presses the skincare deeper into the skin, allowing your skin to absorbed more of the products you’re using. Not only does it provide for better skincare absorption, it also helps limit irritation for those with very sensitive skin. This is one natural beauty hack I always make sure to do!

Recommendation: AliveLab Steam Milk Tea Cream
*provides deep hydration, soft skin & brightening*

3 Natural Beauty Korean Skincare Tricks We Absolutely Love

2: Mist It Up!

Surprisingly enough, this natural beauty trick is a good one to partake in year round! Most would only consider using facial mists in the winter seasons, as skin becomes more dry and dehydrated. However using a mist year round can be the easiest way to get that “Glow” on point without having to pack on the illuminating foundations and highlighters.

Of course, it is important you choose the right facial mist for your skin type. Facial mists are designed for every skin type, focusing on adding the perfect amount of hydration throughout the day for everyone. So choose wisely my friends for that healthy glow year round!

Recommendation: Skin&Lab Vita Energy Toner & Mist
*Provides added hydration throughout the day and brightening effects*

3 Natural Beauty Korean Skincare Tricks We Absolutely Love

3: Just a Touch of Perfection

One thing I learned from Korean beauty trends is to skip that full coverage foundation and opt in for natural coverage or even just concealer! Of course, natural beauty trick can be a hard one to adopt, especially if you are suffering from active acne and scaring, but it is worth the transition. For daily wear, full coverage is out! Allow your skin to breath easy and looking naturally flawless with minimal foundation and focused spot coverage. Trust me, your skin will be happy you did this.

My advice? Try out Korean cushion foundations! They usually provide a natural coverage that mimics the texture of natural skin. However if you are bold enough to take this natural beauty trick to maximum level, then swap all foundations out for a high coverage concealer! Applying a high coverage concealer to only the areas of your skin that need the help with provide that natural beauty look we all love. Of course, this technique will take a little practice to it wont look obvious that you have concealer on only in certain locations of the face. So girl, get your mirror out and start practicing this natural beauty trick!

Recommendation: Chica Y Chico Matt Concealer
*Provides high coverage with a natural matte finish to mimic a natural skin texture*

3 Natural Beauty Korean Skincare Tricks We Absolutely Love

Natural Beauty with Ease

Rocking natural beauty all comes down to one major factor, which generally falls into having good skin. So ladies kick your skincare routine into shape if you are planning to flaunt your natural beauty in a flash!

3 Natural Beauty Korean Skincare Tricks We Absolutely Love


  • [ALIVELAB]Steam Milk Tea CreamUSD14.90
  • [SKIN&LAB]Vita Energy Toner & MistUSD15.49
  • [CHICA Y CHICO]Matt ConcealerUSD15.90 -> USD6.36
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