Must have Makeup Essentials we can’t Live Without

Must have Makeup Essentials we can't Live Without

Hello Girls,

As you know makeup has become quite they essential to enhance our outward appearance. Even a light tinge of makeup can work wonders towards making your facial appearance look more even, healthy glamorous. When some tell me that diamonds are a ladies best friend, I simply disagree. Well I think makeup essentials would definitely stand a notch above only because its usage being a more prominent feature in a ladies daily life, as compared to diamonds etc.

Now beautiful ladies we have this great bit of information specifically dedicated to share our favorites for enhancing our natural beauty on a daily basis.

Appearance Benefits:

The benefits of makeup are excellent in terms of displaying an even facial tone. Makeup has also proven very beneficial towards forming a protective layer on the skin to prevent pollution and dirt to clog skin pores which surprisingly can help reduce acne breakouts *upon using a foundation that doesn’t break you out of course*. Wearing makeup also makes a woman feel more confident as blemishes and minor skin flaws are easily covered up. Makeup essentials if used correctly can in fact help to enhance facial features and help you look more beautiful. If statistics are to be looked into; over 60% of women who resort to regular makeup have received a better treatment at their work place *which is a unfortunate discriminating but true case*. So I am sure that if you are not into doing regular make up then, on reading the above benefits you must have already made up your mind to start (Just kidding).

Here we have our staffs top makeup essentials for everyday office wear 

Our Must have Makeup Essentials:

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream + Natural Fit Concealer :

Must have Makeup Essentials we can't Live Without

The Klairs Supple Illuminating Blemish Cream has been Awarded the Best Selling BB Cream for the year 2015. The product is excellent in covering up facial redness and light blemishes. The product is based on an anti-irritation formulation to make the skin appear naturally correct and flawless. Another advantage of the product is that, its usage will help portray an even skin tone thus covering up minor skin patchiness. The Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream comes with a free handy natural fit concealer, which allows you to make the product handier. With the concealer you have the option to carry 6ml of quantity to work or while you are out traveling. You can therefore resort to a quick makeup session to your void skin appearance of any unevenness.

Wishtrend BB Cushion Case with Cover Stickers + Extra Puff and Sponge:

Must have Makeup Essentials we can't Live Without

This is a very simple but interesting and modern product which comes with five very stylish sticker options, to place on top of the little cushion case. The product is very fashionable and also comes with an extra puff and sponge. This product will give you the option to carry along with you; a one minute pocket friendly makeup assistant.

Wishtrend Eyelash Curling Iron (Heated Eyelash Curler):

Must have Makeup Essentials we can't Live Without

This is an after mascara product and is the best heated eyelash curling iron you can possibly find. The heat generated through the device is based on a semiconductor which ensures that the instrument never overheats and works at regulated temperatures to give your eyelashes natural looking curls. The usage of the product is absolutely safe and it comes with a protective layer to ensure complete safety to your eyes and eye lashes. The eyelash iron is light, simple to use and works on a single battery. This is one product I very strongly recommend as it is a very innovative and easy option for you to get mesmerizing eyelashes.

Wishtrend Makeup Pouch:

Must have Makeup Essentials we can't Live Without

Finally this is an excellent all in one combination and is definitely a makeup essential every lady should consider carrying in her bag. The kit comprises of a stylish pouch which contains pocket friendly options to get you lively cheeks, radiant skin, doll like lashes, irresistible lips and a twinkle in the eyes. So in short this a little magical kit you can carry around to help you maintain access towards irresistible looks at any point of time and even on the shortest of notice.


You would definitely find a number of products easily available over the counter but the above mentioned products we recommend are safe and certified. These products have been used by ladies repeatedly and its usage has made them feel more happy and confident about themselves and their appearance.

So Beautiful Friends I would like to sign off by wishing you all the goodness and confidence in you appearance.

Take Care Lovely Ladies…


Must have Makeup Essentials we can't Live Without



  • [KLAIRS]2 Step Natural Makeup SetUSD38.99 -> USD33.14
  • [BY WISHTREND](END/161112) BB Cushion Case with Cover Stickers + Extra Puff & SpongeUSD19.00 -> USD9.00
  • [BY WISHTREND](END/20160830) Eyelash Curling Iron (Heated Eyelash Curler)USD14.99
  • [BY WISHTREND]Wishtrend Cosmetic PouchUSD0.00 -> USD9.25
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