Must Have Acne Mask’s That Kick Breakouts to the Curb

Must Have Acne Mask's That Kick Breakouts to the Curb

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So I assume you have stumbled upon this article in search of the best acne mask for your trouble skin. Well you have come to the right place to find out which acne mask from our best Korean skincare lines will suit your specific needs and concerns.

Acne isn’t fun and there are multiple forms of acne that influence our skin regularly. Understanding the type of acne problems you have can greatly help you in your search for the right skincare and acne mask. So before we dive into different styles of acne mask’s, lets first find out what type of acne you may be suffering from.

What Your Acne Says

Yes, the type of acne you are suffering from can tell you just what type of skincare and acne mask your skin needs. So lets take a closer look.

  • Pustules

    If you have red inflamed pimples that have puss in them, then your skin most likely sufferers from clogged pores and excessive oil production. Using a Clay mask would be a good acne mask to add into your skincare routine. For this I recommend the I’M FROM Clay Mask. This mask contains natural ingredients only and features clay durived straight from the mountains in South Korea. Making it ideal for pulling excessive dirt and oil from the pores without overly drying or irritating the skin. Helping to reduce the formation of pustules over time.
    Must Have Acne Mask's That Kick Breakouts to the Curb

  • Small Pustules, Hive like pimples and Redness

    Feel like your pimples are similar to hives or a rash like texture but are mostly pustules? The your skin most likely is more on the oily side but also is sensitive and becomes irritated easily. In this case, you want to remove the excess oil that is causing the Pustules but also make sure you calm your sensitive and irritated skin at the same time. For this I recommend the Skin&Lab Pink Clay Mask as your acne mask of choice. This clay mask features not only clay but almost Calamine Powder, which is known to help calm rashes and irritation. Allowing your skin to be calmed and soothed while still controlling clogged pores and excess oil.

  • Flaking Papules

    If your pimples are sore red bumps but also feel tight, dry and flaking, then you have dry skin that is most definitely acne prone. If your skin is internally dry, then the skin will be too tight to allow the pores to breathe and expel dirt and oils that get trapped. Having a proper balance of moisture is important for optimal skin health. Try using a anti-inflammatory and moisturizing mask such as the I’M FROM Honey Mask. Natural honey and honey extracts helps reduce inflammation of the skin such as red sore pimples. Plus honey natural has anti-bacterial properties to help kill acne causing pimples from forming, along with its rich moisturizing properties, this mask is ideal for those with dry acne prone skin.
    Must Have Acne Mask's That Kick Breakouts to the Curb

  • Under the skin whiteheads and flaking

    Do you feel your skin is tight, flaking and has annoying under the skin bumps? You probably have dehydrated skin. When the skin is dehydrated, the pores get stretched and become very tight, preventing them from breathing, similar to that of dry skin. When this occurs, buildup of dead skin cells and oils get trapped and create white bumps under the skin which can be seen as annoying acne. If you have these types of clogged pores and tight flaking skin, then your skin is dehydrated. I recommend a hydrating sheet mask to help restore lost skin hydrated such as the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask. This make sheet delivers moisture and hydration to the deepest layers of the skin while helping to calm and sooth any skin irritation. However if your skin is dehydrated it also is important to drink lots of water daily to prevent dehydration for optimal skin health.
    Must Have Acne Mask's That Kick Breakouts to the Curb

  • Bumpy Skin & Whiteheads

    If you feel you have small bumps all over the skin but without redness, then you have whiteheads and lots of them. Whiteheads are generally caused by the skin not having a fast enough cell turn over rate. Meaning your skin isn’t shedding your dead skin cells fast enough, causing them to build up on the skin and clog the pores. Generally this means you need to exfoliate more regularly to help remove the build up of dead skin cells. On top of regular exfoliating it is important to use exfoliation boosting skincare, for this I recommend the ByWishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask. This sheet mask enhances any skincare products you use before that, especially vitamin C products or AHA & BHA products which all are exfoliating. This mask not only delivers much needed skin hydration but also helps boost the skin cell turn over rate. Helping to aid in the reduction of clogged pores and whiteheads. It is a great acne mask to add onto your exfoliation routine!
    Must Have Acne Mask's That Kick Breakouts to the Curb

Was your type of acne on our list? I sure hope so and that this list could help you better understand your acne situation and find a great acne mask for your skin type!

Must Have Acne Mask's That Kick Breakouts to the Curb

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