Do you wanna get lovely nails? MisQs is here for you.

Misqs lovely nails

Hi, Wish Trenders!
Do you love nail arts? I’m sure you answered “Definitely Yes!”

For the upcoming spring, Some ideas for getting lovely nails are ready here for you. Before starting that, Let me introduce our NEW & gorgeous cosmetic brand, MisQs.

MisQs is a trendy cosmetic brand which is launched by Showroom, one of popular on-line shops in Korea. They provide various and attractive cosmetics including lipsticks, lip tints, eyeliners and nail polishes with great quality and reasonable prices. Among them, I’m about to introduce their lovely nails today. Feel free to enjoy with me now!

Kaya Nail Polish Ver.1

misqs_lovely nails_1

Kaya Nail Polish Ver1_lovely nails

Kaya Nail Polish Ver.2

misqs_lovely nails_2

Kaya Nail Polish Ver2_lovely nails

5 great things of MisQs Kaya Nail Polish.

1. Cute and simple Case.
2. Trendy color shades.
3. Smooth application easy to paint.
4. High-gloss as if glass bead.
5. Expression of Vivid and Clear colors.

Nail Art Ideas for getting Lovely Nails !

lovey nails art

Which style is more attractive for you? Don’t you want to try these lovely nail arts all? Here is a great opportunity. We prepared a nail polish box including above all colors of nail polishes with base coat and top coat. Limited amount only, Don’t miss this WISH BOX (No.19) : Nail Polish Box with discounted price. ;)

[WISH BOX] WISH BOX (No.19) : Nail Polish Box

lovely nails wishbox

Girls, Enjoy with us!
Please show me your lovely nails as well by commenting below. <3

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