Hi beauties! Today we’re going to dive into an interesting new beauty technique called micro blading eyebrow tattoo’s. While the up front cost can be a little bit expensive, it’s a procedure that can save you a lot of time and money over the long run. It involves a semi-permanent application of tattoo pigment to give the appearance of naturally full, thick brows.

If you are someone that is as obsessed with having “eyebrows on fleek” as we are, keep reading! Micro blading eyebrow tattoo’s might just change your life, or at least your morning makeup routine.

What is Micro blading Eyebrow Tattoo?

Micro blading is known by a bunch of different names, including micro stroking, eyebrow embroidery, feather touch and hair-like strokes. It is a type of semi-permanent makeup that allows you to have sparse brows filled in with tattoo pigment. The pigment is applied with a special technique to make it look like natural brow hairs. Unlike traditional tattoos, micro blading is not done with the use of a machine, but rather with a hand-held tool made up of specially grouped needles that allow the specialist to apply precise, short strokes that mimic real hairs.

The technique will give you beautiful brows for anywhere from one to three years, though 18 months seems to be the average for most people. Like I mentioned before, micro blading can be a little more expensive than you might be used to, but if you have to spend a lot of time shaping or filling in your brows to get them pretty and even, the cost might be worth it. Usually, the prices range from $500 to $1,500.

Before the Procedure

First, it’s important to find the right person to do the job. Just like it’s really important to find a hair stylist that knows how to give you the perfect haircut, finding the right person to shape your eyebrows will take a little bit of research. While any good micro blading eyebrow tattoo artist should be able to adapt to your needs, you should be sure to get to know the person you choose. Look at their portfolio of work and ask them any questions you might have. Don’t be shy!

Most of these brow specialists will want to meet with you at least one or two times for consultations before the actual procedure starts. The majority of them even say that the actual micro blading is the shortest part of the appointment! They will map out your perfect brow shape, discuss what sort of brows will work best with your bone structure and do a test run where they draw the brows on to make sure you are happy with how they look before the actual procedure happens. In fact, many tattoo artists will even have you make facial expressions once they have drawn on your new brow shape to make sure the brows are on the right part of your face.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

This procedure is different from semi-permanent tattooing because it uses a manual device. When a handheld device is used, it allows the eyebrow color to be deposited closer to the surface of your skin. Putting the color closer to the surface of your skin is what allows the artist to make crisp, sharp lines that look like your natural hairs.

So first, when you come in on your appointment day, the eyebrow tattoo technician that you have chosen will sit you down and draw in the shape of the eyebrows she is going to tattoo on with removable pencil, similar to when a tattoo artist draws the outline of your eyebrow tattoo before they begin inking it on. This is the part that takes longer than any other, because any good technician will spend a lot of time making sure that the brows are perfectly shaped and exactly even. The meticulous nature of this part means it can take up to an hour to get them just right. You should plan to spend a few hours total at your appointment because it is important that enough time is taken.

Once the shape is set, you’ll get a topical numbing cream applied to the brow and surrounding area, then a local anesthetic. This is to make it as painless as possible. You may still feel some discomfort or prickling, but the pain will be very minimal.

After the procedure, there is no recovery time or awkward peeling like with regular tattooing. Your skin may be red or a little swollen, but your brows will be perfect and ready. Most artists recommend that you check in and get a touch-up after the first month, but then you are good to go. Once they have fully healed, you can treat them just like regular brow hairs.



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