Manage Weight Loss During the Holidays | Holiday diet tips


Manage Weight Loss During the Holidays | Holiday diet tips

Happy Holidays!

It’s Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here today to share some holiday diet tips on how you can maintain your weight or maintain your weight loss progress during this tricky time of year. We all know that the holiday season brings us delicious fattening foods that keep our bellies full and our waist line ever expanding, but this year, lets focus on how we can keep our waist line the same with these holiday diet tips!

Healthier Dishes

Just because it is the holiday season doesn’t mean we HAVE to make only unhealthy dishes. I know the classic festive dishes are calorie heavy with creamed mashed potatoes and gravy, but this year focus on making Mashed Sweet potatoes instead!

Manage Weight Loss During the Holidays | Holiday diet tips

Having guests? Why not make both! Sweet potatoes are also a holiday classic and a healthier alternative to mashed potatoes. This time skip the heavy butter. Sweet potatoes are so good on their own, in my opinion, they don’t even need butter!


My recommendations?

  • Plain Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  • Honey mustard baked Salmon
  • Steamed green Beans With Onions
  • Greek Salad (Diced Cucumber, Diced Tomatoes, Balsamic Dressing, Feta Cheese)
  • White Turkey Meat (skip the dark meat)
  • Making some vegetarian alternatives

Portion Control

Now it can be hard to focus on only healthier dishes during the holidays, especially when everyone else is enjoy the more savoury dishes. So instead of stuffing our face, try doing portion control instead.

Manage Weight Loss During the Holidays | Holiday diet tips

My tip?
Use a smaller plate and select a small amount of every item. Using a smaller plate automatically limits you from over filling your plate. By adding small amounts of 1 of every dish on your small plate, you can’t help but portion control and your still get to enjoy every dish on the menu.


Don’t Skip The Gym

With the holidays brings parties, events, get togethers and of course, alcohol. Which makes it even more important to still squeeze in your workout time. But it’s not always easy when your schedule becomes more and more busy.

My tip?
Do at home workouts if there is no time for the gym. Of course, making time for the gym is the best, but sometimes yor schedule may be too packed, but there is always time at home for at least a 20 minute quick workouts. So look up a workout on youtube and get your butt in gear for 20 minutes! During off those extra calories from drinking and eating!

Wine Over Beer

Wine and beer both have their fair share of calories, but selecting wine over beer still has less and if you choose red wine, your getting good antioxidants! So this holiday season, choose a red wine over mixed drinks and beer. Its the healthier option. Of course, if possible, only have 1 glass ;)

Vitamin Boost

Of course, during the holidays we always want to look our best when visiting family and friends. So why not treat your skin to a vitamin C boost for healthier glowing skin.


My tip?
Try using a vitamin serum! Vitamin C is a antioxidant for the skin and a brightening and skin tone clearing agent. You literally can fade away uneven skin tone, acne marks and more with Vitamin C.

Manage Weight Loss During the Holidays | Holiday diet tips

Got Sensitive skin?

Try the Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin Drop! It has 5% stabilized vitamin c and other antioxidant ingredients making it gentle for all skin types especially sensitive skin

Got lots of marks?

Try the C21.5 serum. This serum as 21.5% vitamin c! Making it a power house at evening the skin tone fast! If you have very sensitive skin, this might be a little harsh for you, but it sure does get the job done :)

So good luck this holiday season!
I hope these tips could be helpful to anyone planning on looking their best during the holidays :)


Manage Weight Loss During the Holidays | Holiday diet tips


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