Makeup Trends for 2013 F/W

2013 FW makeup Trend

Fall / Winter Makeup Trend Report

Summer is gone and Fall is almost here, in Korea.
Today, I’m going to talk about the makeup trends for 2013 F/W for your beauty routine.

We can simply describe the F/W makeup trend as below:


Let’s see the details of the trendiest looks with F/W Ready-to-Wear collection backstage photos.

1. Naked Face

In this season, one of the important features is really natural base makeup that looks like a naked face. Apply a natural BB cream or watery foundation on the face thinly. And put a little amount of the loose powder on the oily spots(Forehead, Chin and Nose).

Makeup Trends_Naked Faces

2. Greige Eyes & Artistic Smoky

During this season, the core eye color is the gray. You can use various base gray colors from a cool gray to dark gray, blue gray and red Gray.
For the elegant and modern gray eye makeup, make sure to finish base makeup to be lusterless and pale. Also You can see the various textures of black smoky.

Makeup trends_Greige Eyes & Artistic Smoky

3. High Gloss

If you want to look like modern and chic,  here is a very simple and easy tip. Regardless of eye shadow color, just put the transparent gloss on your upper eyelid. For the pointed glossy eye makeup, wear the soft and moistureless skin and lip makeup without gloss.

Makeup trends_High Gloss Eye&Lips

4. Extra Ordinary Red Lips

The red for this season is different with the previous classic and glamorous red. The color range is very various and Punky. 

Makeup trends_Extra Ordinary Red Lip Makeup

5. Winter Nude

As you can see, the colors of this season you can choose are very monotonous and limitary. For the more natural nude look, add the warm and pale tone color makeup. This kind of makeup can seem to be ill. After putting some powder on your lips and apply the transparent pink lips for healthy looking node make-up. And instead of pink or peach blusher, put the caramel or taupe brown blusher on your cheeks. Then, You can make the gorgeous winter nude makeup.

Makeup trends_Winter Nude

6. Simple & Dark Eye Line

Cat’s eye makeup is coming back. Take out the black eyeliner from your drawer. The trendy eye line for this fall and winter is the very simple and straight black line. 

Makeup Trends_Simple & Dark Eyeline

7. Brow Contrast

To make the trendy eye brows for this season, draw your eyebrows to thick and heavy like the following pictures below. After then, brush your eyebrows with eye brow mascara for more strong and chic eye brows.

Makeup trends_Brow Contrast

If you want to get the product recommendations for the trendy makeup, Click the above underlined words in this post. ;)   xoxo,

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  • Donah @ SweetJellyBean

    Now I have an excuse to have thicker brows when I have no time to go to the waxing salon haha.

    Love the deep red lips defo for fall. Great collection ^^

    • Scarlett Ma

      Haha, You are right. I love the trendy thick brows and burgundy lips for this season as well.