Makeup Tips & Mistakes You Might Be Making Daily

Makeup Tips & Mistakes You Might Be Making Daily

Whether you’re a makeup novice or you have some skills, it’s still possible that you might be making some of these common makeup mistakes. If so, don’t worry! They are all pretty easy to fix, and you will be able to see a big improvement in the look and feel of your makeup. After reading this post, don’t be surprised if friends, family and even strangers want to stop and ask you for makeup tips & advice.

Makeup Tips & Mistakes

Mistake #1: Mixing Oil and Water

This is one of the most common makeup mistakes people make, and it actually applies to your pre-makeup routine as well. In general, most moisturizers, sunscreens and makeup products are either water-based of oil-based, and knowing which is which can be the difference between flawless makeup and patchy, cake face makeup.

You probably know that oil and water don’t mix. This carries over to your beauty products, too! I see girls get frustrated all the time because they are trying to put an oil-based foundation over a water-based sunscreen, or they are using an oil-based primer with a water-based BB cream. Mixing these products in the same routine often leads to product pilling up awkwardly on your skin or the midday “makeup slide” where everything essentially just wipes off of your face.

Makeup Tips To fix this, start reading the ingredient lists of your favorite products. You may need to adjust one or two steps to make sure that all of your base makeup goes together, but you will find that everything layers flawlessly and evenly afterward.

Mistake #2: Matching Foundation to Your Face

I know this one sounds ridiculous, but don’t skip over it just yet. You’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to match your foundation to if you shouldn’t match to your face, right? To get the best-looking makeup possible, you should do what the professionals do: match to your neck.

For almost everyone, your neck and your face are slightly different shades. Typically, your neck is a little bit lighter than your face because it gets less exposure. Matching your foundation shade to your face will always leave you with the telltale line of where your foundation ends and your skin begins, no matter how expertly you blend it out.

Makeup Tips To fix this, match your foundation to the lighter skin on your neck. You may feel like you look ghostly, but remember that you can always warm up your face and neck a little with the right bronzer! Matching to your neck will give you a much more natural, put-together look that requires far less blending.

Mistake #3: Piling On Your Concealer

Pimples are my number one enemy and I want to do everything I can to hide them when I’m applying makeup. No matter how much you want to, though, you should never be heavy-handed with your concealer. All that you will do is draw more attention to the blemish by caking layers of makeup over it.

Makeup Tips To fix this, opt for a good primer, a single layer of concealer, and a buildable BB cream that will help smooth over any embarrassing spots. Priming will prevent your makeup from settling into the skin around your blemish, which keeps it from looking obvious. Use one layer of your best concealer to minimize redness, but be sure to blend out the edges so it looks natural!

The best BB cream that I have found for beautiful, buildable coverage is the Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream. Not only does it have extra SPF in it, but it is also one of the few BB creams I have found that does not oxidize to an ashy, grey color on my skin. It goes on lightly, which is perfect for a fresh, “my skin but better” look. It is also great for all skin types, from dry and sensitive to oily and acne prone. The best part about it, though, is the buildable coverage it gives. Whether I need a single layer for a good skin day or a few layers on the days my skin is red and blemished, I can tap on extra product and still have a very pretty, natural finish.

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It’s easy to make these little makeup mistakes, but thankfully it is also very easy to fix them! Making these few adjustments to your makeup routine will take your makeup skills to the next level and have everyone wondering how you got such perfect skin!

Makeup Tips & Mistakes You Might Be Making Daily

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