Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream

Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream

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It’s Bronwyn here and today I am going to be giving you some helpful tips for color matching yourself to the Klairs BB Cream.
Klairs BB Cream specializes in providing a bb cream with a natural yellow base that uses no artificial pigments, no alcohol, no parabens, no animal testing and is environmentally friendly.

First of all, you may be wondering, “It says makeup artist tips?”, well let me just verify that yes, technically I am a makeup artist. I studied cosmetic management and makeup artistry  in my home country, Canada. Not only that, I previously worked at a cosmetic counter providing makeup and skincare advice and application tips for a bit as well. I also regularly have fun with my youtube channel creating and sharing makeup looks that I personally enjoy. Although my career has naturally floated more towards skincare, I still always practice makeup artistry on my channel as a hobby while doing the occasional job on the side. So, did I surprise you with that little back story? haha, let’s move onto tips and advice.

Knowing Your Skin Color

This can be hard to do on your own. Many people prefer to go to a professional makeup artist at cosmetic counters to be guided on learning their skin color in product names and codes. However there are many different brands and foundations out there making it a little difficult to understand what universal color you are. Over the years many people have become more comfortable with knowing their skin color in professional brand codes such as MAC. Because MAC is such a popular makeup artist brand, many makeup artist’s that work at counters will understand what your color is in other brands if you already know your MAC color.

Under Tones

Knowing your color starts with your under tones. Knowing the base of your skin tone is essential when figuring out your skin tone. You undertone plays a huge part in choosing the right products. Your undertone can be 1 of 4 different types.

  • Cool
  • Neutral
  • Olive
  • Yellow/Warm

It actually is easier than you may think to figure out your skins undertone. Bellow are 3 different ways you can figure out your undertone without a makeup artist.

STEP 1: Start thinking about which you prefer to wear, silver jewelry or gold jewelry?
+ If you prefer gold, your undertone will most likely be Olive, Yellow/Warm.
+ If you prefer silver, your undertone most likely will be Cool.
+ If you like wearing both silver and gold, then you most likely are Neutral.

STEP 2: Do you love wearing red lipstick, or stay away from it?
+ Most people who have always loved wearing red lipstick tend to have a cool undertone.
+ If you have always stayed away from it, you most likely are Yellow/Warm undertoned.
+ If you have never had issues finding red lipstick but don’t always like to wear it, you might be a neutral undertone.

STEP 3: Take a look at the insides of your wrists, what color are your veins?
+ If your veins are blue, you are Cool undertoned.
+ If your veins are a greenish blue, olive like color, then you have an Olive undertone
+ If your veins appear mostly greenish, then you are a Warm undertone.
+ If your veins are both Blue and Olive, or you have no idea, then you are a Neutral undertone.

Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream

So what undertone do you think you are?
Okay! so now that you know your undertone, it is time to figure out your skin color in MAC codes.

Your Skin Color

As I mentioned above, MAC codes have become the universal skin tone color method. So knowing your skin color in MAC is more convenient and easier than you would think.
First lets understand the MAC Code system.

  • C
    = Very Cool tone skin types
  • NC
    = Neutral & Olive tone skin types
  • NW
    = Yellow & Warm tone skin types
    *NOTE: Lighter NW shades match well with very Fair Cool toned skin*

These codes are designed to make it easier to understand your skin color based on your undertones. However these codes and the undertones that match can slightly vary depending on your natural skin color.
Example: you may be more on the Yellow tone base, however you match an NC better than an NW.

Klairs BB Cream and You

Color matching to BB creams can be very hard especially when you don’t yet know your skin color. But Klairs wanted to make if easy for most people who are between the colors NC15 – NC25 and even NW13-NW15 to be able to wear this BB cream. Of course because Klairs BB Cream only comes in 1 color, it makes it not so widely available to everyone. However its multi-undertone base makes its suitable for more then just 1 skin color.

First lets select your skin color to see if you will fit the Klairs BB Cream.

Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream

Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream

If you fit NC15 – NC25 and even NW13-NW15, then Klairs BB Cream will fit for you!

Cool Tone Face, Neutral Tone Neck & Body?

As a makeup artist, working on clients who are cool toned, I have often noticed many of them have a cool toned face however the rest of their body is Neutral or even Olive toned. This can often be caused from thin skin of the face, creating a translucent effect or even can be from flushing caused by Rosacea and other skin conditions. If the skin on your face fits an NW13 or an NC10 but your body fits an NC20, then you actually will still be able to wear the Klairs BB Cream. The Klairs BB Cream’s neutral and yellow undertones will help to neutralize the cool undertones in your face, making it better match the rest of your body.

Other Color Names & Codes Matches

Well you now know your MAC color Code, however are you curious to know what other color names and codes Klairs BB cream can match? Well let me tell you!
*Matches are not a 100% guarantee, however most mentioned bellow will blend easily to match your skin or be a close match.*

Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream

Western Drug Store Color Names

  • Fair Light
  • Light
  • Light / Medium
    *Light to Medium varies by the brand, Some light to medium brands will not match*
  • Buff
  • Beige
  • Natural
  • Neutral

Wester Codes – Loreal True Match *Matches & Close Matches*

  • Light Ivory w2
  • Nude Beige w3
  • Soft Ivory N1
  • Natural Beige W4 *If you prefer a brightening effect*
  • Sand Beige W5 *If you prefer a brightening effect*
  • Natural Buff N3
  • Buff Beige N4 *If you prefer a brightening effect*
  • Creamy natural C3 *Only if your face is cool but body is neutral/olive*
  • Shell Beige C4 *Only if your face is cool but body is neutral/olive*

 Korean Color Codes

  • N21
  • N23

*Please keep in mind that the Klairs BB Cream with have a different effect on those who have Cool skin tones. For those will a cool face and neutral/warm body, the Klairs BB cream will make the face match the body because of its yellow/neutral base color.*


That is it, I hope those makeup artist tip article was helpful to anyone who did not know if the Klairs BB Cream would be suitable for them. I hope I was able to help you figure out your skin color successfully and help guide you to feeling comfortable in choosing Klairs BB Cream :)

Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream


Makeup Artist Tip | Color Matching Klairs BB Cream


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