What is lips tattoo pack?

Lips tattoo?

Are you serious? Wow! There are so many interesting and creative products that are coming out these days! For a makeup junkie like myself, it is so fun to be able to try out these products! YooHoo~ and recently I’ve gotten to know about lips tattoo and I’ve absolutely fell in love with them^.~

So how I found out about this is through a very popular and liked beauty program in Korea called, “Get it Beauty”. From the numerous amount of makeup junkie judges, the lips tattoo product was selected as the best one! And not just most of them but EVERY SINGLE ONE of the judges voted for this item! So let me introduce you to the famous item but before that let me tell you the awesome things and benefits about using lips tattoo.

what is lips tatoo pack

Benefits of Lips Tattoos:

For those of you who are busy and don’t have time to always retouch your makeup, this is the perfect makeup that you have all been waiting for! For me especially since I work teach children at times, I don’t have time to like goto the restroom and check the mirror and put lipstick on again and again. So this was especially so useful for me! And especially when you go clubbing and you don’t have any pockets but you gotta have you cell phone and lip gloss but you always had to hold it in your hand and it was so annoying! This is perfect for clubbing also hehe! And also I heard this is really popular among moms also because they don’t want lipstick on their children’s faces when they kiss them! After using this lip tint pack, you can see that nothing comes off on cotton sheet or a straw. It doesn’t smudge at all. And this is not just a tint, it is a mask function lip tint pack, so it cares your dry and flaky lips softly as well. :)

Berrisom’s My Lip Tint Pack:

lip tattoo pack

I love it that there are 8 different colors! My favorite ones are sexy red and pure pink! I think the other ones you have to put on a little bit more for it to show the color. Not only does it last for 12 hours…excuse me? What?! Are you cereal!?! 12 hours!? YES!!! for 12 hours, I love it that it doesn’t get on the cups, straws, and maybe your boyfriend will love it also that you don’t get lipstick on his lips also hehe^.~ I was worried it will get dry after sometime but there’s moisturizing ingredients and if you feel like your lips are a little bit dry you can just put lip balm on top of it also! It has a lot of fruit extracts also that help your lips with firming to keep them sexy and plumped!

How To Use:

1) Make sure that your lips are moisturized before you start
2) By following the lip line, cover the pack thick.(Be careful not to color on the outside of lip)
3) After 10-15 minutes, from the end of the lip, please remove the pack slowly(The pack can rip easily so if it does don’t worry just get all of the pack off)
4) Put on a clear glossy lip gloss or balm and it will make your lips look more shiny and sexy! MUAH^.~

lips tatoo pack

Eunice’s Personal Tips:

1) MAKE SURE you moisturize before you put on the pack. But make sure it’s all soaked in also.
2) When you peel the pack off, do it slowly! The pack easily fall off without any irritation. But just in case, It might hurt a little for those of you who are extremely sensitive like myself so be careful please!
3) And put on clear gloss lip gloss time to time, it will make your lips sexier and shinier. :)

You must try it for those of you who are lazy like me! Or for those of you who have jobs that doesn’t give you the time to check mirrors often or to put lipstick on often! I thought it was such a fun and smart item and I love it also when I go out clubbing because I hate carrying around my lipstick^.~

Click & Get yours here.


  • [BERRISOM]My Lip Tint Pack (9Types)USD15.99 -> USD11.19
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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!