Honestly Girls, today’s article just focuses on Organizational skills. All of us do feel the need to pamper ourselves with some amounts of laziness at some given point of time, however don’t forget we all do find the need to get ourselves more organized. There is obviously no doubt that some of us may be over organized but for those of us who don’t really get time to organize, making a checklist of small things to do in while you are you realistically on relaxation mode can really help.

Some Tips for Getting Organized:

Plan Things Out:

Your free time gives you the liberty to do a lot of useful things. Planning your workload for the next week would be something to consider. Difficult as you might imagine, all you need to do is pick a pen and a notebook and identify the tasks you have lined up for the upcoming week. Simply allocate the required time and fix a date. It can’t get easier than this.

Make a Check List:

The best recommendation would be to make a checklist that does not over burden you. You can very easily allocate time for the little things that need to be done and those that would not be a burden to time of relaxation.

Some inclusion on the checklist:

Clean up:

In terms lazy days tips for getting organized most of us girls really look for some time to sort the house out. It would be a good time to Dust the Television, Furniture and clean those utensils which have been parked in the sink for over a week.


If you are single we have all been through it, a messy apartment with clothes all muddled up and spread over the room is not unusual site. The least you can do is organized your room and your desk so that you don’t need to keep postponing your tasks. A simple recommendation, please get rid of the things you don’t require.

Get in Touch:

It might sound crazy but there are times when busy schedules prevent us for connecting with family and friends. Making some time out of a lazy routine to simple reconnect with friends and family via social media or emails would be a great idea.

Your Looks:

Your looks are the most important thing on this planet, please make time to look after your skin and hair. In terms of Tips for Getting Organized, please make time for a self care routine which involves pampering your skin and hair. The application of your favorite skincare mask or a hair oil massage along with a shampoo can work wonders to transform your appearance. A nice soak in a warm water tub can rid you of stress and tiredness which you have gathered over the days of continuous work.

All right Girls as a part of our initiative here at Wishtrend to constantly work towards providing you with excellent products for skin and hair treatment. Today we would be recommending you a special hair care treatment which would help you transform the appearance of your hair in the midst of your time off.

Our Lazy Days Recommendations:

So here’s presenting a Great Hair Care Solution from Jungle Botanics:

This Jungle Botanics Hair Care Treatment Comprises of the Following Products:


The Jungle Botanics Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo is based on a hypo-allergic formulation and is ideally suited to cool the scalp which has been overexposed to the harshness of the sun. This product is formulated with Methyl Capsules which facilitate the cooling process and helps reduce Sun inflicted irritation and sensitivity. Finally this product provides a healthy dose of deep cleansing and flushes out excess oil to provide you with a boost in hair volume.

The Next product that forms a part of this treatment is the Forest Leaves Warming Treatment which is suited to rejuvenate extremely dry and damaged hair. This product is full for natural nutrition and its application generates regulated amounts of heat which open the hair cuticle to facilitate better absorption. The product contains Pracaxi Fruit, Brazilian Nuts, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Camellia Oil etc which together combine to give you hair which feels soft and looks healthier.


So Ladies would like to sign off and would just like to end by saying any time spent to pamper yourself with the required amounts of laziness can be bettered with a the inclusion of a little organization. Hope the above information proves useful and meaningful.




  • [JUNGLE BOTANICS]Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo & Forest Leaves Warming TreatmentUSD16.90 -> USD13.74
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