Kpop Idol Trend – Colored Contacts Edition

kpop idol trend - colored contacts edition 2

One of the ongoing Kpop idol trends that seem to never be fazing is colored contacts, also known as color lenses. Since most Koreans tend to have eye colors that lie on the brown spectrum, it is not only interesting for the person wearing the lenses to see the difference the color of one’s eye can make but also fascinating for others to look at. Therefore, here is a compiled list of 8 Kpop idols who pull off colored contacts really well!

kpop idol trend - colored contacts edition 3

1. Hazel

To start off the list, we have the most basic yet gorgeous color, hazel. It is difficult to differentiate light brown and hazel, so forgive me if the contact lenses in the picture do not seem to perfectly fit the description of hazel. Female idols tend to go for this color because it gives one a sexy aura; the hazel color especially does its deed to tanner females. One of the Kpop idol who wears the colored contact almost daily would be Hyuna; her fans agree that it is rare to see Hyuna in her bare eyes for she almost always has colored contacts, giving her a subtle sexy look. Another female Kpop idol would be Kyungri from the team, Nine Muses. People commented that her light brown eyes give her not only a sexy vibe but also a mysterious one.

kpop idol trend - colored contacts edition 4

2. Blue

Jumping right into a bright color, blue colored contacts give a chic and exotic charm. In addition, the color completes a sharp-shaped eyes while also giving a ocean-like depth, so especially for this summer, blue colored lenses are a hot item. For this cool color, we have kpop idols Bomi and Yoona! Both from girl groups, they are an evidence that blue eyes pop on lighter skinned people. In the pictures, both Bomi and Yoona are sending the viewers mixed messages for their eyes indicate innocence and maturity; one cannot help but feel mesmerized while staring into the two sparkling pair of eyes.

kpop idol trend - colored contacts edition 5

3. Green

Another color on the brighter side, green contacts allow one to become a “breath of fresh air”. Wearing this color has one oozing out youthfulness and vibrancy, being one of the reasons why Kpop idols, who by the way almost already looks young, are attracted to green! Like blue, it is an incredibly rare color for Korean people to possess, therefore, pulling it off is even more difficult. However, Onew from Shinee and Ken from VIXX prove otherwise. While the green contacts bring out the inner child from Onew’s face, the color on Ken draws question; it is for certain that the green contact lenses draw us in to their eyes.

kpop idol trend - colored contacts edition 6

4. Red

If someone sees one with red eyes, it is probable that he or she will make a double-take in the least offensive way. Similarly, whether it be in music videos or on stage, fans will either gasp or fangirl even harder when they see their “baes” in red contact lenses. It is often that Kpop idols wear red lenses for a particular concept, making it a rare moment for promotions only last a couple of weeks. Two male idols that had to undergo wearing red contacts were Sung Jae from BTOB and Hyuk from VIXX. From looking at the pictures above, one can feel a mysterious and fantasy-like aura surrounding them. As creepy as one might think, one cannot disregard the fact that it is cool; perfect for dressing up or just for the heck of it, buy yourself red contact lenses to see if it suits you!

To end the list of 4 color contact lenses, I am going to be as corny as possible and state that your natural eye color makes you who you are so do not think of this trend as a necessity. If you realize this fact and still want to experiment with colored contacts, make sure to buy ones from a credible and safe source.

kpop idol trend - colored contacts edition 7

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