Female Kpop Hairstyle : Short Hair Edition

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It is known that Korean men generally prefer girls with long, black hair. However, nowadays, female idols are breaking this ideal hair style and are changing up their looks by making short kpop hairstyle a trend! After research, I have made a compilation of  short hairstyles paired with a collage of female kpop idols who have mastered the particular hairstyle.

1.See-Through / Fringe Front Bangs

Popular in Korea, many females tend to go for the see-through bang look because it allows one to have two different hairstyles. One day you can have bangs and the other day, you can simply “put them away” by parting your hair if it per say, bothers you on any given day. Instead of going for the full front bag, see-through bangs give a much lighter feel. Although Krystal rocks long hair with see-through bangs, Choa from AOA equally looks gorgeous with a simple, above chin haircut with front bangs. Since her forehead is covered by bangs, her face does look smaller (this is the reason why I, myself, have see-through front bangs). If you believe your face shape is similar to hers, this kpop hairstyle would be ideal!

female kpop hairstyles - short hair edition choa


2. A-Line Bob Cut

An A-line bob is a classis hairstyle; the cut is shorter in the back with a down-angled, longer hair in the front. Many benefits come from trying out this haircut. The short, layered hair in the back adds softness. The long, angled, A-line cut in the front helps to place emphasis on one’s cheeck bones and jaw line. Although recommended for many, this haircut is recommended for people with thick hair. If you prefer getting a short haircut without front bangs, this hairstyle is just for you; instead of bangs, it is stylish to part your hair to one side (side swept) to show off that perfect A-line cut. Due to the incosistent length of the hair, it offers one a chic and sexy look. Although Park Si Yeon is known to be the queen of this hairstyle, a female kpop idol who has pulled it off is Hyeri.

female kpop hairstyles - short hair edition hyeri


3.Short Glam Perm

Many people prefer IU with short hair for she is able to look mature yet cute at the same time, as shown in the pictures. To achieve this hairstyle, bravely ask to have your hair cut a little below your chin. If you have straight hair especially, take another step by requesting for a glam perm. A glam perm will create a big “s” pattern towards the bottom; it will add volume by having that one thick wave. It is possible to get a glam perm if you have straight hair but if you want a change for your summer 2015 album, visit a nearby hair salon and try out this trendy kpop hairstyle.

female kpop hairstyles - short hair edition iu

This list may be short but when searching for short kpop hairstyle, these 3 are few of the most referred hairstyles. If the pictures aren’t enough for you, it is always easy to look these three female idols up to get a clear image of what you want for your summer 2015 haircut!

female kpop hairstyles - short hair edition



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