Kpop Fashion at Airports

When thinking of Kpop stars, one imagines their unique choreographies mixed with solid vocals and raps. However, nowadays, Kpop stars put so much emphasis on their “I’m walking into the airport” outfit, which they choose themselves without the help of their style coordinators. Therefore, fans and news reporters make sure to make appearance to get a snapshot.  I chose, with the help of personal friends, 6 celebrities that present their individual styles in their airport fashion.

1. Hyuna of 4 minute

To start off the list, we have Hyuna, who’s style can be described as chic and Parisian. Depending on how she matches her skirts or dresses, she is able to pull off both ends of the kpop fashion spectrum of sexy and cute. Her slim body, especially her legs, helps to accent the greatly paired clothes. It is also interesting that she does not pay too much attention in accessories but rather on different types of bags.

hyuna Kpop Fashion

2. Krystal of f(x)

Krystal’s style is a prime example of simple and basic Kpop fashion. Her airport outfits mostly consist of skinny jeans, basic tees and outerwears. Despite the simplicity, she is able to upgrade her looks by adding the perfect accessories and bags. In addition, her outfits seems to go very well with the color or style of her haircuts. Personally, I relate most with her style because she chooses to be comfortable as well as looking cute.

krystal Kpop Fashion

3. Tiffany of Girl’s Generation

Amongst all the members of Girl’s Generation, Tiffany is one with the most lovely and girly style. Her bottoms are usually stylish trousers or short skirts that accent the length of her slim legs. She carries herself with pride as her arm is occupied with one of her many brand bags, which help in solidfying her amazing fashion sense.

tiffany Kpop Fashion

4. V of BTS

Although Rapmonster is known to be the fashionista of the group, V does not fail to shine in his own dandy outfits presented in his airport fashion. He especially looks best in both long and short black pants. The color schemes of his outfits are usually black and white with hints of various shades of gray. Another item that sticks out are his tote-like large black bags, which helps to further explain his dandy style.

V Kpop Fashion

5. Seung Hoon of Winner

With his long legs and perfect proportions, Seung Hoon knows how to successfully dress himself up. While browsing through his past airport outfits, I have noticed a few things. He likes to wears pants with patterns such as plaid as well as long coats that perfectly fit his height. Also, his socks are never plain but instead bright and eye-catching. Overall, his outfit may appear to look simply casual but I’d point out his daring colors, which definitely adds to his character. Personally, I believe Seunghoon depicts the male kpop fashion since he chooses to wear both simple and patterned clothing pieces.

seunghoon Kpop Fashion

6. Sehun of EXO

Almost turning 21, Sehun is one the youngest members of the group, which reflects through the hints of sportiness in his rather polished outfits. His tendency to match the rest of his outfit with the color of his Nike shoes indicates his sporty instincts. To complete his look, he puts on a snapback as well as a sunglass. Since he is another possessor of a great body, the clothes perfectly define his body.

sehun Kpop Fashion

These six celebrities are few of the many who define Kpop fashion. Both females and males focus on what they wear in order to be an inspiration to others as well as giving themselves a chance to express their individuality. If you have any personal favorite Kpop stars with impressive fashion sense, don’t hesitate to comment below!


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