Korean Skincare Products – Essence vs. Serum

What is the difference between Essence and Serum?

When you ask which part that Korean woman take most time and concern for beauty, I would definitely say the Korean skincare products. It is because no makeup-makeup is a huge trend in Korea and in order to pull that out, you need to have clearer and healthy looking skin.

That is the reason why we go so excited about skincare and cosmetic companies come up with new concept and ingredients containing skin care products. There was interesting research that says average Korean woman own average of 9.6 skincare products and use 4 for every morning and night. 

korean skincare products

So there are many different types of Korean skincare products in these days, such as toner, lotion, serum, essence, emulsion, cream, booster… I think just by listing down the skincare product category, I can come up with whole new posting. However, for this posting, let me just take a focus on serum, essence and the booster since they are the most frequently confused items of all skincare products.

What is Essence?

Essence is functional skincare product that focus on certain aspect, such as whitening, hydration or acne care. There may be more essence with various functions but these are the key elements. Why don’t we take a look at the texture of essence?

This is the texture of Coenzyme Q10 Collagen Filing Source from Rojukiss. The color is clear and it helps in wrinkle improvement, offers great hydration. Compared to when you only use toner and lotion, you can expect greater hydration and preventing the wrinkle.

Essence is one product that most of Korean woman own or at least used once for their skincare. It is because it can bring about the skincare result that other product category cannot satisfy our skin.

What is Serum?

Many people get confused with the idea of serum and essence.They both sound pretty similar but are slightly different in the sense that serum is higher concentrated form of essence. As can be seen from the texture, it is in between essence and lotion. Let’s take a look at Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum.

It is one of the most popular serum in Korea. Especially well known for its great hydration and soothing function. You can maximize the effect by using it with rich moist soothing cream from Klairs as well.

And Last but not Least, Booster!

Booster is the least famous category of all three but it works just as much important as the others. In order to maximize the effect of further skincare product, booster works great. Here is the texture shot of Pure Vita C Dual Booster from Rojukiss.

If you want to brighten up your skin, Vitamin C is the key element and this is the booster that maximizes effect.

Korean Skincare Products mix recommendation

To maximize the effects of each Korean skincare products category, here are some product recommendations.

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