[Wish, Try, Love] Korean Night Skin Care Routine

Skin Turnover & Night Time Skincare

Already It’s our 7th wish try love! It’s our lucky 7. Up to our 6th deal, we dealt with problems of acne, pore, whitening and we were able to give effective solutions for them. We had so many feedbacks saying that our solutions helped them and they saw great results so we were glad and thrilled. We checked out our beauty PO box for our next wish try love show and a lot of people wrote to us about their worries. There were a lot of cases saying the area around my nose area is really red and overall my face feels really oil, or cases like my skin is really dry and rough AND I have major dark circles also, or cases like I have deep smile line and I also want to get rid of my acne scars. But these are all natural. We all have different skin worries but because the cause of the problems are basically similar. Usually one person have 2 or more skin problems combined.

Plus! I’m sure you all had experiences like thanks to wish try love’s solutions our acne was probably getting better but no! For a while your skin might have seemed good and then again! one, two pimples start showing again or  you start seeing a lot of dead skins again, or your skin becomes rough again. “Period of skin turnover” is the reason! New epidermal cells are formed, so the dead skins naturally fall out and that is called TURN OVER and that period is called “period of skin turnover” Even if you put on expensive products, you doesn’t soak in well into your skin so your skin is extremely dry and your makeup doesn’t go on smoothly and because the dead skin blocks your pores, you break out and your skin tone overall looks really bad and feels rough. If you have healthy skin, the period will happen within 4 weeks, about every 28days. and that’s normal. BUT if your skin is suffering from dryness, aging, stress, and environmental issues then the natural cycle is broken and the chunk of dead skins are left in your skin. This blocks the new skins from forming and this is the cause that our skin is so rough and just looks really dead.

For children, the natural period of turnover is every 1-2 weeks and
for people in their teens is every 20 days,
for people in their 20’s is about 28 days and
for people in their 30’s it’s about every 40 days
And for people in their 40’s it’s about every 55 days.
for people in their 50’s it’s about every 75 days.

So does this mean that if the period of turnover is shorter, it’s better? IT’S TRUE. For people with sensitive and acne prone skin, you will see that even if you exfoliate your skin well and often, you can see white dead skin’s right away.

This is because your skin is very thin so you have extremely short period of turnover. In cases like this, if you exfoliate your face about once a week very lightly, and you need to use products that can help you strengthen the protective layer of your skin and also your skin’s natural strength. So the turnover period can’t be too short or too long, or it becomes a problem. The key point to maintaining your skin healthy is keeping the period of

turnover for about 28 days. 10pm-2am is active period of your skin’s turnover. That is way this time is called the golden time. At this time, if you have makeup on or if you are using your energy to eat or excercise, or if you are drinking or smoking, then it blocks the cycle of natural turnover.

So today!

We have prepared a night skin care routine that you can do on your “golden time” which is the most effective time that you can boost up your skincare. We have prepared products that can take care of your multiple skincare problems plus strengthen your skin’s natural strength to get healthier skin while you are just sleeping. We prepared a simple night skincare routine that you can choose depending on your skin type that will regulate your period of turnover and maintain your skin hydrating and bright.

Korean Night Skin Care Routine

1. Oily / Combination Skin

For those of you who have excess sebum, the oily skin types, and for those of you who have partial parts of the face that is oily and dry is combination skin type. We focused on choosing products that will take care of your multi worries of your skin depending on your skin type and skin conditions. We focused on products and skin care routine that can take care of your dead skin, excess sebum, and huge pores and troubles and also acne scars.

Step 1. Cleansing

First, after you finish your long day, when you get back home cleanse your makeup with cleansing water. Finish the 2nd step cleaning with Nolook form cleanser. Wet your face, squeeze the proper amount of the product and for 15 seconds roll it in the palm of your hands and make chewy bubbles. With the bubbles, draw small circles on your face and massage. The parts of the face that you have big pores, just pad it lightly so that it can get rid of the waste deep within your pores. after you have cleanse well, rinse with water.

Step 2. Toner

I personally use this toner and it’s actually my 5th bottle, hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan are in this toner so it’s really soft and a great toner for people with sensitive skin types to use. Soak your cotton buds and put it on your face. After u use it, it’s very moisturizing but doesn’t leave you with any stickness the scent is great, not too strong and it soaks in really well into your skin and is made from natural plant ingredients so once again it’s soft.

Step 3. Serum

-The next is serum, this step is very important because the serum and the cream that you will use for the next step combined together will be the best combination for night skincare solution.With the spoiler scoop about half of the essence and drop it on your face then dab lightly and soak it in to your skin.This product is a multi- functional essence for whitening, wrinkle care, and moisturizing and it will also control your sebum.

-When you put it on, it soaks well into your skin so it feels light and fresh. It feels really good when i put it on. (some times i put a thick layer on top like a moisturizing pack)

Step 4. Cream

-Next is cream, let’s put on badecasil cream which if you put it on together with the serum then you can get the best combination of night care solution! If you have combination skin, put it on your face lightly and the parts that are oily, put on another layer. If you have extremely oily skin, put a thick layer on all over your face.

-I’ve introduced you to badecasil cream before, it has the ingredient 2% of betaine salicylate which is an excellent ingredient to make your skin smooth. For those people who have worries of exfoliating and blackheads because they are suffering from excess sebum, it’s a multi cream that will take care of all that and also moisturizing. It melts the waste and deadskin without stimulating your skin and it gets rid of excess sebum because it goes deep into your pores, and it helps with damaged skin and acne scars.

-And It has petenol, snail musin extracats, and witch hazel and other natural moisturizing and calming ingredeints to moisturize your skin after exfoliating.

-You can get smooth and healthier skin by just putting it on once before you go to sleep so it’s the best night cream.

-Plus! you know those times right before putting on your makeup, you can totally see the dead skin on your face, you can use this product right away! put a thick layer of the cream on the parts of the face u want to exfoliate, leave it for 2-3 minutes and after rinse with water, you will be able to feel that your skin has become smoother.

Step 5. Next morning, rinse with water & Sun Screen

-when you wake up and look in the mirror, it will be shiny from all the melted deadskin, waste, and other excess sebum that has come out. With luck warm water, rinse well. While cleansing, the parts that you have a lot of white heads or black heads, with the tip of your fingers rub lightly and it will help to get rid of the leftover black and whiteheads.

-Even if your skin becomes fabulous with this perfect night skincare, if you don’t put on sunblock there’s no point! Next day, You have to put on moisturizer and sunblock. For oily and combination skin types, i want to recommend cosrx’s aloe suncream that is not sticky and fresh but moisturizes your skin.

2. Dry/ Sensitive Skin

For dry skin types, the proper amount of oil that need to be formed doesn’t form so the moisture flies off easily and that’s why you feel the dryness of your skin often. Especially during the hot weather, it’s easier our skin to become more dry because we sweat more and we are exposed to the sun more. The key solution to dry skin types is maintaining your oil and moisture balance and to always make sure you have sufficient moisture for your skin. Problems that dry skin types and sensitive skin types have-dry, rough, and uneven with more wrinkle forming every single day, pores that is visible, and redness so we have chosen carefully the night skin care routine. As you guys know that I have dry and sensitive skin, so these are products and routine that I’ve actually used and tested and saw results with. So that’s why I really wanted to introduce it to you guys.

Step 1. Cleansing

we are gonna use a form cleanser that is soft on the skin. Wet your face with warm water, put the right amount of cleanser on your hands. Then massage your face with circular motion with your fingers and cleanse. Klairs’s form cleanser has cleaning element that is similar to the ingredient of protein instead of using chemical surfactant so you can cleanse your face without stimulating it. After washing your face, it keeps it slightly acid condition so it helps you to find oil and moisture and thanks to hydronic acid, ceramide 3, extracts of aloe vera leaf in the foam cleanser, it will leave your skin feeling moisturized and not dry.

Step 2. Exfoliating and Essence step

-After wiping off the water on your face, this is a product that you should use before the step of a toner, it’s 1st step of nighting gale toning eraser. It’s a functional peeling treatment that takes care of your wrinkles and whitening. It’s a smart product that melts the oil dead skin and sebum so it brightens the tone for your skin, and has a lifting effect for your pores and skin.

-It’s a peeling gel that you can see the same effect of getting peeling laser at your dermatologists or the same effect you can get at a skincare shop for an expensive peeling treatment! The effect of this product has been proven, so it’s used in popular skincare shops in shinsa, garosugil, and other well known estectic shops. Depending on the level peeling, there’s 1st level, 2nd level, and original. We want to introduce u to level1 which is a product that is safe for sensitive skin types to use. Personally, i was kind of scared before I tried it, but it was very mild and the next day I saw my skin toned brightened and also my skin was really soft so I liked this product.

-When you open it, you will see that there is a yellowish fluid on the q-tip, just wipe it lightly on your face and it will leave your skin feeling shiny. After, you will be able to see that your skin has become brightened. Put on the rest of your skin care routines afterwards. This brings your skin to the best condition so whatever you put on afterwards will soak well into your skin and also your makeup will go on smoothly. Isn’t that amazing?

-Use one each time and for sensitive skin do it once every 4days and for dry skin do it once every 3days. Then you will be able to see your brightened glowing skin that has been moisturized! In 1box there are 5 so you can use it for about 15days.

Step 3. Toner

Next is toner. This toner has natural ingredients in it so it’s very soft. It’s great for even sensitive skin types to use and if you put a lot of it on a cotton puff and leave it on your face like a sheet mask pack for calming and moisturizing it’s great to use. Klair’s toner soaks in really fast.

Step 4 Night Cream

-Next step is night cream. The texture is almost like sour cream it’s really soft and moisturizing. Even if you use just a little bit of it it soaks well into your skin. It’s really light and also the moisture lasts for more than 5 hours long. That’s not all. As you are sleeping, it tightens your pores, controls your moisture and oil balance, calms your skin, whitens and also is great for elasticity and wrinkles.This is all possible with this one cream.

-Thats why it’s the key to SkinMiso’s night pore complex. It has Kaba, Glycyrrhiza extracs, lemon balm, witchhazel, seige, and peppermint and other natural ingredents that are excellent for your skin.

-It also is great for damaged skin and it strengthens your skin’s layer and normalizes your turn over and is great for your moisture and oil balance. Not to mention that it tightens your pres and prevents black and whiteheads. It’s a perfect product for those of you with dry skin and also that were worried about your pores.

-How to use: for dry and sensitive skin types, put a thin layer on your face and soak it in, then put another layer on. For dry and oily skin types, put one layer on.

Step 5. Next morning cleansing & Sun screen

After step 4, goto sleep then the next morning, you will see your face glow. It’s a really great combination.The important thing here is to wash your face with just water because you don’t want to get rid of the necessary oil that has formed on your face. After this perfect night skin care routine, you don’t want to mess up with skin by not wearing suncream! Make sure you put on suncream in the morinig and for dry and sensitive skin types I want to recommend Leilani’s suncream.

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!