Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

Hi It’s me, Eunice!

You guys all know how important your eyebrows are right?
Depending on your eyebrow shape, it can determine your impression and the overall look of your face. I personally think from putting on our makeup, eyebrow is one of the most important things. So even if I go out without any makeup, I always put on my eyebrows and BB cream. As you guys noticed, it’s the trend in Korea these days to draw your eyebrows straight to look younger and create softer features. But everyone naturally has different shaped eye brows, so it’s important to draw your eyebrows depending on your face shape and how your eyebrows are originally shaped. Instead of following the trend all the time, it’s more natural to trim your eyebrows based from your original shape.

So today, I wanted to introduce to you a tutorial on how to trim your eyebrows for beginners and I wanted to recommend eyebrow shapes that will match your original eyebrow shape.

Video Tutorial *Scroll down for written guide*

1. How to shape eyebrows? Basic eyebrow care tutorial for beginners

This tutorial is great for people who are not used to trimming or drawing their eyebrows. It’s very simple so let’s get started.

Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

1) Before you start make sure that you brush your eyebrows well.

Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

2) With an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner and outline the shape that you want. If this is difficult for you, you may practice it on paper.

Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

​3) Trim any hair that sticks out of the outline you drew with a eyebrow trimmer. It is better to pluck any thick hair rather than shaving it off(This might sting a bit) When you are shaving your eyebrows, make sure to start from the top of your eyebrows and from inside to out. For the front part of your eyebrows,start from top to the bottom. For the bottom part of your eyebrows, start from the outside of your eyebrows to the inside. Make sure to shave the hairs from the opposite direction that your hair is growing.

Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

4) If you are done shaping, then with makeup remover, erase the outline and then make sure you pluck any other hair that is sticking out from the outline. Then brush with your eyebrow brush and you are finished.

Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

5) If you feel like you don’t have a lot of eyebrows and it looks empty in places, choose an eyebrow pencil or shadow that is the closest color to your hair color and fill in the empty places lightly without putting much pressure on your hands.
If you are new to this, you will be able to have a very good impression by just trimming your eyebrows.

Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows

6) DONE! This is a great tip for even men who are not used to trimming their eyebrows, you guys can easily follow these steps to have a good impression!

2. I want to recommend an eyebrow shape that each type of face shape

As you guys all know, before you draw your eyebrows, you have to think about what kind of face type you want to portray. If you have a narrow face or a small face, then you match pretty much any shape of eyebrows. But, if not, then it’s important to know what kind of face shape you have and draw eyebrows that match you.

To help you understand what eyebrow shapes there are, I have prepared pictures of Korean celebrities. Let’s check out which eyebrow shape matches which celebrity.

Hyo Yun, Ko Hyun Jung= matches straight eyebrows
Han Yae Sul, Go Ara= matches straight eyebrows that have a little bit of arch
Kim HeeSun, Kim HaeSoo, Song Haegyo= usually eyebrows with high arches do not match Koreans, it actually makes them look older.
Park Siyun, Taeyun, Lee YunHee, HanGain= has naturally pretty eyebrows

Even celebrities who seem like they have perfect faces, all have different eyebrow shapes depending on the shape of their faces. Then let’s see what eyebrows match each face shape for a good impression.

Egg face shape(oval face):
Usually all types of eyebrow shapes match but if it’s too straight or too arched then it covers the beautiful shape of their face. Give a little arch but make sure it’s a soft one rather than a sharp one.

Arched face shape:
Make sure that you shape your eyebrows round so that your image looks more soft. Shave off the arch of your eyebrows and make is soft so that your face shape may look more soft.

Round face shape:
Make sure that you make an arch so that you can create the illusion of a more narrow face. Make sure that the end of your eyebrows and the front part of your eyebrow is a straight line. If your eyebrows are too thick then your face may look bigger than it really is so make sure that it’s not too thick.

Long face shape:
If you have straight thick eyebrows then it will make your face look a little bit shorter. If you have a high arch then your face can look longer. If you have long and sharp chin then it’s good to draw round and short eyebrows.

3. Eyebrow products that will help you create eyebrows more naturally

Eye Shadow No.222 : Sage Brown
Suitable for those with dark brown hair with red undertones

Eyeshadow Quade # Shake Shack
Suitable for those with light brown to dark blonde hair

If you have any type of brownish hair, then you can use this eye shadow to draw your eyebrows very naturally. Of course originally it’s an eye shadow so you can use it as an eye shadow or to draw your eyebrows also.

So guys! I really hope that my tips and tutorial helped you guys to shape your eyebrows so that it will match your face shape! And don’t forget to check out a video I did on this so that it’ll be easier for you to understand!


Korean Eyebrow Tutorial : How to shape eyebrows



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