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Hi~ It’s me, Eunice! Today, I have prepare New Cosmetic Haul for the ladies~I wanted to introduce u to some of my favorite new Korean cosmetics! Especially, for those of you who are super busy so you don’t really have the time to take care of your skin or those of you who are interested in quick makeup products~I wanted to introduce easy skin care, makeup, and must have items^.~

Including mask sheets, I have few basic skin care products, and Wish Box that is filled with girlish makeup products, total of 7 wonderful products that I have carefully chosen! (Definitely some of the best new Korean cosmetics)You cosmetic junkies are curious to see the new products right?
soOo don’t go anywhere! Keep tuned it!

Korean Cosmetics – Skin Care

Vitamin Essential mist

[S2J] Vitamin Essential Mist

Suh SooJi makeup artists’ hot brand, S2J has a new product out! After cleansing, while the water on your face dries, that’s when the moisture flies off. It’s the first water essence right after cleansing so you must put it on within 3 seconds! There are 7 different essence that soaks in to your skin really well meets with the water on your face to give your skin more life and make it healthy! It’s not sticky so it’s light and gives rick moisture to your skin.

*How to use: After cleansing, within 3 seconds, stray on your face and dab it to soak in.

Honey Mask

[PAPA RECIPE] Bombee Honey Mask Pack

These days in Korea, mask sheets are really popular and daily used. It’s excellent to give moisture and nourishment to your skin for it’s also very cheap! soOo I will definitely share more new mask sheets that I have carefully chosen^.~ Today, I wanted to introduce you to Bombee Honey Mask Pack! PaPa Recipe is a brand that a father made for his daughter who had extremely sensitive skin. The brand only has products that they have carefully made with good ingredients so they can “give it to their daughter”. This mask pack is made with good ingredients and have been through many testings to be well made. This pack is the first step to Honey-glowing skin! It has extracts of natural moisturizing ingredient, propolis. And it also has extracts of honey in it which gives rich moisture and nourishments to keep your skin moistured for a long time. Also, mask sheets are easy to go bad so a lot of companies put preservative in, BUT Papa Recipe found a way with golden complex bu using extracts to be able to keep the mask for a long time, so it’s safe to use and is a healthy mask sheet that we can trust!

*How to use: The mask sheet is with the film paper so it’s easier to unfold it on put it on your face. Put the pack on for about 20 minutes then take it off. All you need to do is dab to soak in and put cream or moisturizer afterwards.

Whitening Toner Whitening Lotion

[ROJUKISS]Whitening Skin Toner+Cream

I know that a lot of you might prefer tanned skin, but I also know bright, white skin is what many girls dream of also. This skin and lotion is an outstanding whitening effective makeup with plant ingredient such as Maka, Sarcodon aspratus, Ascophyllum nodosum. It has been proved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety already for its’ whitening effect and it’s excellent moisture and oil balance of the skin to give you a bright, healthy, skin. Niacinamide and other whitening ingredients are in it to give you the bright beautiful skin that we all want. I want to recommend it for those of you who want skin whitening effect and soothing effect for daily skin care product.

*How to use: After cleansing, put skin on your face and let it soak it. Then get lotion and put it on your face and let it soak in also and you are finished! Without putting on other products, your whitening and moisturizing care is done!

Korean Cosmetics – Make up


[SKIN FACTORY] 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack & Speed White Cream (3Types)

As many of you already love and are using, I wanted to introduce a lip tattoo today! Once you put it on and take it off, for a very long time, you can continue to have the color on your lips! Everybody knows about this right? Skin Factory has a new lip tattoo! It’s great for exfoliating, showing different colors, last a long time, gives nourishments, will make your lips beautiful and not to mention the rich moisture it gives and the natural lip color you will have! You can show 7 different colors with the lip tattoo. And compare to other lip tattoos, it doesn’t smudge onto cups, straws, so it’s perfect. And not to mention that there is speed whitening cream sample with the lip tattoo!

*How to use: First put the whitening cream on your face, then put on the lip tattoo and u can have the perfect “no makeup” but still beautiful face^.~ With this package you can do quick makeup. I want to recommend it for mothers with babies so that you don’t have to get lipstick on the baby and teens who are looking to do quick makeup for school!


[WISH BOX] WISH BOX (No.33) : Makeup Box X BEIGE

1st, this is a pink box that Wishbox and Beige made together! It’s with Pink cheeks, pink shadow, and pink lipstick! It’s filled with picky products~Beige is known for its’ outstanding 발색력, and colors that you can only find with Beige, and also their reasonable price. In the wishbox, first we have the blush! It’s natural and also it shows its’ color very well and it will give you a cute and lovely look. All day long, you will look fabulous with Love is You Pink.

2nd is the Beige eye shadow. It is pink with a little bit of elegant gold pearl so it’s easy to match with any makeup, it’s Cattleya Pink. It’s very powdery so it has a light texture and if you put on one layer, it can finish you daily look. If you put it on many times, then the goldish pearl will be accented so you can have also a glamorous look!

3rd, is a really elegant peach color lipstick. I like how creamy it is, so you can put it on smoothly on your lips, and this color is really popular amongst the fans of Beige. The color is really vivid, and it also gives you a lovely look.

4th, nail polish! U guys are probably all familiar with Beige nail polishes because we used it in many of our videos for nails. It’s already known for its’ vivid colors and lasting for a very long time. With even just with one coat, you can have the color that you want and the stick is pretty short compare to other nail polishes, and the brush spreads widely, so to give yourself a manicure, it’s perfect! There are 7 different colors, in Pink Box, we have “When You Wish Upon A Start” which is so glittery and glamorous; we also have a pink color, “Romantic Holiday” that will make to more lovely with all those pinky makeups.

5th, lastly! We have Wishtrend’s New Pouch! woOohooO! I really wanted this so bad! Wishtrend actually designed it themselves and the design is really chic and stylish and simple. It has the logo of Wish,Try,Love, which is an amazing show that gives beauty advices! You can’t buy it anywhere else so~ get it with the Pink Box!!



[IPOO] Smell Cover Oil Trio (Travel Size)

I have introduced you to IPoo before so I know that some of you guys know what it is! This Must Have Item is a perfect way to get rid of the poo smell of your pets, cigarette smell, and toilet smell! Let’s say that u are at your boyfriend’s house and u need to take a big old dump, ewww yes I know, or maybe you are using a public bathroom and there is like a whole line after you but you just took a big old dump so it smells really bad, what do u do? Spray this IPoo 3-4times after shaking it and it forms a oil layor on top of the toilet water! It will block the poo smell and give you a really nice smell from the spray~ It’s so tiny so it’s so easy to carry about in your bad or purse. There are 3 different ones in a cute little Wish Pouch bag! It’s also a great gift to give newly weds^.~

Okay! Well I hope u enjoyed getting to know some of our new products that I have carefully selected! Please check out our VOD of this also! and leave us any comments or questions! I really hope u enjoyed my new fav. Korean cosmetics! Muah*

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!