Korean Bubble Masks Trend


Korean Bubble Masks Trend

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It’s Bronwyn here today to talk about one of the hottest and latest trends from Korea and also Japan; bubble masks!

Introduced in late 2015, bubble masks started becoming more and more popular as the year went one, to the point where you can now start seeing bubble masks popping up in every Korean and Japanese skincare brand. What makes bubble masks such a rage and how are they different from other masks? Well let me tell you about them!

Korean Bubble Masks Trend

Why Bubble Masks?

Bubble masks have been trending globally as of recently and we all can understand why! Even famous North American celebrities have been caught on social media enjoying them. Celebrities Miley Cyrus and Youtube stars such as Wengie with them. But besides the point, bubble masks have a couple reasons why they are popular.


  1. They are super fun!
  2. They are effective!

Korean Bubble Masks Trend

What Do They Do?

Bubble masks are designed to be the evolution to painful pore strips and peeling masks. Let’s face it, none of us truly ever enjoyed peel of masks or peel of nose strips that left the skin feeling irritated and dry. Instead these new type of masks create an intensive bubbling effect that instead of stripping dirt and waste from the skin, it lifts it. This method is much gentler on the skin for removing built up waste, excess oils and makeup without drying and causing irritation. Overall cleaning the skin, treating the skin and leaving the skin healthy.

Bubble masks can come in 2 types, peel off and wash off. Both however still provide the same effects only with a different method of removal. Thus, both leaving the skin soft and smooth. These masks generally contain many ingredients that hydrate the skin, calm the skin, sooth the skin, and moisturize the skin all while removing the gunk from within. Giving you the perfect at home spa treatment with a touch of entertainment!


So how about it? Are you ready to give these fun, trendy and innovative masks a try? Well we have an easy and mess free one to get your bubble on with!

Nose Secret Bubble Star Pack


Korean Bubble Masks Trend

Designed with all-natural ingredients that effectively take care of your precious pores, the Bubble Star Nose Pack removes irritants and wastes in just one easy step in a painless, fun way, leaving only smooth & flawless pores behind !

With a 4-in-1 ultimate pore care system, the Bubble Star Nose Pack not only cleanses, but conditions and tightens the pores in just about 15 minutes. Made with revolutionizing sparkling water technology, the refreshing bubbles gently massage the skin with a cool feeling to flush out the pores and to leave them smaller, smoother, and completely irritant-free. So stop abusing your poor pores with irritating products and pamper your pores with the Bubble Star Nose Pack today !

How to use it:

  1. Apply the Bubble Star Nose Pack to the apple zone, focusing on the nose area.
  2. Wait about 5 minute for the bubbles to appear.
  3. Flip the pack onto the nose so that the bubbly side is making contact with the skin.
  4. Remove after about 10 minutes and rinse.

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Korean Bubble Masks Trend

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