Collagen creams used to be all the rage, but with recent research, more and more of us are learning that directly applying standard collagen creams to the skin actually have no effect or benefits! The reason for this is so simple you will be surprised you were fooled by marketing companies to believe you actually could benefit from collagen creams. Simple put, it all comes down to one simple face:

Collagen Is Just Too Big

Yup that is correct! The actually collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed into our skin. Instead, the collagen molecule when applied onto the surface of the skin in the form of a cream, literally just sits there doing nothing for us. Shocking right? Now before you go around your vanity throwing away all your collagen cream’s, let’s take another look at how some skincare brands have been able to beat the molecular size into actually working for us!

Collagen Cream’s That Actually Work

If you currently own any collagen cream’s, or if you are planning on shopping for some anti-aging skincare, make sure you take a good look at the ingredients list. If the cream of interest has only “collagen” in the ingredients list followed by other ingredients, then this cream will give you zero collagen benefits. Remember the standard collagen molecule is simply too big to actually be absorbed into the skin. With that in mind, if you instead see collagen listed as “hydrolized collagen” then you can rejoice!

Hydrolized collagen is collagen that has been altered on a molecular level to allow the molecule to be small enough to actually be absorbed into the skin. Yes that’s right, this fancy form of collagen will actually benefit your skin! Helping to firm, strengthen and add much needed nutrients into the skin. If you’re shopping for a collagen cream and see hydrolized collagen, then you can rest assured this skincare product will actually have some benefit to you!

On that note, adding collagen into the skin wont actually make your skin have more collagen in it. Instead, it will be supplementing nutrition into the skin. So if you’re actually looking for a way for your skin to produce it’s maximum amount of collagen within it, then you need to look further than collagen cream.

Stimulating your skins natural collagen production

Oh yes that’s correct! Instead of seeking collagen cream’s for temporary nutrition for the skin, you really should be looking for products that stimulate your skin to produce more collagen naturally. Our skins collagen cells have a maximum amount of collagen they genetically can produce. As we age, these cells get lazier and lazier, thus producing less collagen naturally. Using hydrolized collagen cream’s will add a wonderful feeling of firmness and moisture to the skin, however if these creams have no ingredients for stimulating your natural collagen product, then they are still a bit pointless if you are truly seeking to have more collagen in your skin.

If you want more supple, plump and healthier looking skin with natural collagen production, then you should seek products that contain the following ingredients:

So, do you feel ready to jump into the world of anti-aging with collagen production? I sure hope so! Good luck on your new journey for younger, more supple and youthful looking skin!

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