It’s safe to say the dewy skin trend has finally come to and end! Either some of us will the happy, some of us sad and some… well some frankly just don’t really care. However if you are big on the beauty scene and love to keep up with all the current makeup trends, then you for one might have noticed the switch from dewy looks to simply glowing looks. Both styles sounding very similar yet are truthfully quite different on a whole! So let’s recap on the differences between the previous trend and the new trend.

DEWY Makeup

*previous trend*

The dewy look was all about that glow, however the glow wasn’t just on the cheeks, it was the entire face! This style did not use highlighters but instead used dewy primers and moist foundations to achieve that full face effect without having to use any sort of powders. This look derived in South Korea and became a global trend, especially for skincare fanatics.

How to get the look: With clean skin, apply a generous amount of skincare, which should include at least a hydrating serum and a cream. Next add a glowing skin primer, you must not use any acne primers or oil controlling primers. The primer you use should add moisture to the skin and contain some sort of shimmer in it. Next apply a dewy foundation. In Korea many women used cushion foundations as they almost always provided a dewy skin effect. Skip out on any setting sprays or powders, but remember to bring your foundation with you for touch ups as this look is not touch proof!

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MATTE Makeup

*current trend*

Matte foundation has always been in, yet during the dewy skin phase, matte looks were not a look you wanted to rock, but matte is back onyl this time it’s back with a twist! If you grab your matte foundation and powder without throwing a highlighter an setting mist into the mix, then you can bet your bottom you’re doing this trend wrong.

How to get the look: With clean skin, apply your favorite morning skincare, whatever works best for you. Next use a primer of your choice, no need to be picky here, however if you have dry skin, use a dewy skin primer that will add a protective hydrating layer for a healthy natural glow. Next get your matte foundation of choice and apply a natural light layer over the skin. Natural looking skin is in once again so keep the foundation to a natural sheer finish. Once your base is done, apply a very light dusting of matte setting powder over the skin. If you have a long day or night ahead of you, top it off with a quick mist of setting spray to have your foundation last all day and night. Finally grab your highlighter to get you glow on! Highlighting is all the rage so get your brushes ready and gently highlight for a good amount of glow on your cheek bones, nose, chin and a dash on the forehead and nose for a healthy look!

TRY: Chica Y Chico Matt Cushion, Chica Y Chico Matte Powder

Which trend did you pefer better, dewy skin or matte skin? Remember, it’s only makeup, always wear what makes you feel happy and confident in your day to day life.


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