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Today I am going to be sharing my review and experience with the newest launch from IM FROM, the IM FROM GINSENG SERUM review! This is one of my all time favorite Korean skincare brands, I was so excited when I saw this new Ginseng line from them, So without further a-do, let’s hop right into the review!


Products Claims:

  • Rejuvenate elasticity
  • Effective anti-aging
  • Nourishing
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Brighten tired looking skin


Based on the product claims, the IM FROM Ginseng Serum is most suitable for those in their mid 20’s+. Ideal for those who need to start taking anti-aging skincare seriously, and for those who lead a stressful busy life and it shows in their skins condition. Containing 7.89% pure Ginseng extract, this serum is supposed focus strictly on bringing tired, aging skin back to a youthful glow and appearance while treating in the prevention of wrinkles. However keep in mind, no where does this serum claim to firm existing wrinkles.


First let’s look at the packaging, which obviously I am in love with! IM FROM’s brand packaging is one I love, it is clean and consistent with a natural look and vibe. It always features thick and heavy glass with a black cap. It is packaging I am always proud to have on display on my bathroom vanity.


The specific packaging for this first ever serum from IM FROM is lovely and simple. The IM FROM GINSENG SERUM comes in a small heavy glass vile with a glass eye dropper dispenser to match with an easy to squeeze tip. The cap seals tight enough so no product leaks out. At least in my experience that is. Because the Ginseng is not a light sensitive extract, the glass of this vile is not tinted and is clear. The color of the product and amount remaining is clearly visible through the glass.


Texture wise, the serum is a somewhat thick consistency. When applied on the skin, the texture is watery with a slightly sticky syrup feeling. It absorbs into the skin fairly quickly upon application, in my experience, it is good to work quickly when applying this serum to spread it fast, or make sure you use a essence or hydrating toner first to enhance spread-ability of this serum for an even application.

Once applied and absorbed, the serum does leave a slightly tacky texture on the skin. This can be bothersome for some people but for me, I don’t mind it as it works as a wonderful primer alternative for foundation. However keep in mind it does not tighten or smooth out pores as a primer.



Upon application, I noticed the serum can sometimes sting, especially if used after an exfoliation routine, however the stinging sensation is very short lived. When I first experienced this, I was a bit concerned it would give me irritation or hives, but fortunately for me, this did not happen. Please keep in mind, the stinging sensation was only after an exfoliating session. Otherwise on regular use it did not sting.

I also noticed the strong fragrance when applied, the scent of ginseng and so me… brown sugar? It is a lovely sweet scent that I quite enjoy, however I am not at all happy that this product has fragrance added to it as this can either cause me serious irritation or if I am lucky, non at all. Fortunately in my experience, this serum has not at all caused me any form of skin irritation with continual use.

On that note, over the course of 2 weeks of use, this serum has given me zero negative reactions or effects. No irritation, no hives, no redness and most importantly for me, no breakouts!

Results wise, the IM FROM GINSENG SERUM has not done much for results, yet again this is an anti-aging serum so results should not be expected fast as this is something to limit again, not turn the clock back for the skin. However with that said, I can say this serum did in fact help to brighten my tired complexion! In 1 week of use I noticed my skin looked “better”. With all the stress of moving from Japan to Australia, my skin was looking bad. It was dull, poor texture, looked blotchy and just overall bad. But after using this product daily, my skin just look healthier and happier. Dehydration fine lines were diminished and overall brighter and plumper.


All in all, I am really enjoying this serum! I think if one was to keep this serum in their regular routine, it will help to keep their skin looking healthy, bright and youthful! In my books, this is one to keep in an anti-aging routine, especially if you want an anti-aging serum to make your skin look healthier but with natural ingredients. However if you have extremely sensitive skin to fragrances, then this might be a risky one to try out. But if fragrances don’t bother you, then I say go for it! My skin has been looking and feeling great since I started using it and I will continue to use the entire bottle!



  • [I’M FROM]Ginseng SerumUSD28.80 -> USD21.60
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