The Perfect Hydrogel Pack For Anti-aging, Snail mask Sheet Review

What is the hydrogel?

Hydrogel is a manufactured substance that absorbs water and holds it in the form of a gel. This helps in creating a silky, moisturizing feel and to prevent the other ingredients from dissolving. Because of this feature Hydrogels are used in a variety of cosmetics.

Why the snail hydrogel mask is great for Anti-aging? 

This snail hydrogel mask is uniquely manufactured from 100% snail slime which contains natural anti-aging properties. This snail mask melts within the skin to enhance it and keep it moisturized. It nourishes the skin to bring out a natural radiance to the skin. This snail mask adds nutrition to the skin layers to do away with signs of aging and ensures that the skin remains healthy and young.

Features of Snail hydrogel mask


  • Helps in Skin Hydration
  • Nourishment of skin
  • Sufficiently moisturizes skin
  • Revitalizes dull and loose skin
  • Wrinkle remover
  • Sticks to the skin to increase effectiveness
  • Helps in maintaining skin elasticity
  • Ideally suited to reduce / eliminate aging effects

Main Ingredients

  • Snail Slime
  • Aloe Vera Leaf
  • Eucalyptus Leaf
  • Thyme flower/leaf extracts
  • Tea tree leaf

Recommended for

  • For Loose and dry skin
  • For aging skin
  • To prevent skin from lining
  • To bring out natural radiance to the skin
  • For young and naturally moisturized skin
  • To maintain skin effectively
  • If you are looking for a skin friendly product
  • If you are looking for an great Anti aging Mask

Skin anti-aging Tips:

How to apply the snail hydrogel mask

Skin anti aging tips_snail mask

  1. Open the pouch carefully and take out the 2 pieces of the mask.
  2. Peel the thin white films, and segregate the 2 sections. (Upper face and lower face)
  3. Set the upper pack first (it has  holes for the eyes) and peel the thick film on top of the mask.
  4. And then, set the lower pack for the lower part of the face. (And peel the thick film as well)
  5. Pat gently to ensure it sticks to the face.
  6. Leave them for 20-40 minutes. Do not over 40 minutes for the best effect.
  7. Peel off the both of 2 masks and lightly pat with fingers to absorb the essence.
  8. Apply a little of soothing cream on your face, Then you can feel greater effect.
  9. Apply the leftover essence to your neck with a pack brush.
  10. Observe hydrated and glowing skin!


I have tried various Facial masks but the snail mask that is made out of 100% snail slime is the best solution skin related issues. None of the products I have used before have proved to be as effective as this snail gel mask. When I read about the product, I was wondering what is hydrogel? After the very first usage the dullness of my skin was significantly reduced with this perfect hydrating mask. The gel mask provides a cooling effect to the skin and effectively hydrates the skin to improve the glow and beauty of the skin. Some people often opt for products with retinol, which usually anti-aging effect. This product provides natural anti aging effect and is a best snail mask which I have ever come across. It makes the skin look naturally younger and sufficiently moisturized; which are the main factors in the skin looking fresh. Most facial products use some amounts of snail slime, but a product of this caliber truly is unique and is; a must try.

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