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As the hot Summer month get set to leave us we should now change our attention to the onset of the Autumn Season. Obviously first on the list would be the wardrobe swap, putting all those short and cool cotton clothes seems like a sin but the cool and crisp breeze that starts setting in with the changing season demands a bit more than we can expect in terms of clothing .

Now with the changing season we do need to keep in mind that our skin requirements will also need a bit of adjustment. Ideally the summer season rotates around face packs, sun creams and all sorts of sun protection. However when we speak of Autumn, we need to alter skin care treatment to something that can be classified as an ideal fall routine surrounded with moisturizing.

Adapting to the changing weather:

As mentioned earlier the onset of autumn would see the weather turn colder and crisper, this would lead to your skin facing a lot of change in terms of dryness and loss of elasticity. The ideal solution in this season is to resort to skin moisturization and make sure that your skin always appears hydrated and nourished.

The Fall Routine Defined:


Baring the brunt of the summer months would have seen the skin pores accumulate a lot of dirt, sweat and oil, to together form a substance called Sebum. A good round of exfoliation would see you cleans the pores and keep them free of the same. In addition to this, exfoliation would see the removal of dry skin from within the skin pores. As the colder season naturally makes skin dry, a regular gentle therapy of exfoliation would be highly recommended as a part of a fall routine for skincare.

Use a Skincare Serum:

An Autumn skincare routing invites the usage of a hydrating serum which seeps deep within skin pores to provide efficient and meaningful hydration. As most serums are formulated to seep within skin pores because of it texture, they play a vital role in improving the skins natural defenses and prepare the skin to battle the onset of the changing weather. If you are prone to extreme dryness the regular use of a serum could work wonders towards quenching the skin hydration requirements.

Use the Correct Skin Cleanser:

The season of the fall requires us to slightly adjust the type of skin cleanser we use. It would be highly recommended to use a cream base facial cleanser, which would not only cleans the face to make it pure but also add a touch of nutrition and hydration which the facial skin overwhelmingly requires in the colder season.

A Day Cream would Prevent Damage:

Adopting a fall routine without a day cream would be incomplete and ineffective. It would be highly recommended to add a sufficient lot of protection when you are out at work. The face is generally the part of the body which remains broadly uncovered. Thus resorting to a day cream application would highly help minimize the adverse effects of the changing weather. An all day skin cream would certainly help your skin retain sufficient amount of moisture even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Our Recommended Fall Routine

Klairs Deep Cleansing Package:

Natural & Simple Acne Treatment Routine

The Deep Cleansing Package from Klairs comprises of four Products

klairs supple preparation facial toner glam


This Gift pack is ideally meant for Deep Cleansing of facial skin right from the root. The process involves you to gently massage your facial skin with the Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleaning Oil. The next step would see us mixing some amount of Cleansing oil with the Facial Polish. This mixture is specifically meant for the T section of the face. Thirdly it is time to get it all off, the application of the Klairs Gentle Black Charcoal Soap would exfoliate and clean skin pores from the very root to transform your face with an appearance full of grace and radiance. Finally the use of the toner would help shrink the size of the pore and prevent any sort of dryness from setting in.

The use of this therapy has been very recommended by the online community and the products which form a part of this pack are absolutely natural in formulation and suited to use on all types of skin.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream:

Sensitive Skin Symptoms & Treatment

The Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream can ideally fit the requirement of a day cream for skin moisturization. The product is formulated to transform dry skin to skin appearing normal and hydrated. What sets the product apart from most day creams is that it is natural in formulation and contains yeast derived beta glucan which strengthens the skins natural defences and improves the ability of the skin to self repair. This product is highly recommended for people having dry and sensitive skin.

External Care Might always sound like a never ending process but eating healthy could help you restore a lot of nutrition for your and build up immunity to improve the body’s natural defenses.

Healthy Foods we highly recommend for this Autumn:


Don’t mistake pumpkins for only a Halloween decoration, they carry a lot of meaningful nutrition and prove to be a good source of Zinc, Omega 3 and Fatty Acids. Consumption of pumpkin helps reduce risk of cholesterol and in the process prevents heart disease.


Apples are rich in antioxidants, the consumption of apple in its original form could do wonders in transforming the appearance of one’s skin and adding meaningful levels of hydration from within.

Cranberries and Figs:

Besides being overtly tasty Cranberries and Frigs are a rich source of combined antioxidants and Calcium. It consumption would definitely work wonders in maintaining a healthy bones and skin in addition to a spirited looking you.

Some other Foods:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Turnips
  • Swedes
  • Parsnips
  • Pears
  • Kale
  • Beetroot

Remember having food closes to its natural form can help you remain healthier and naturally boost the body’s immune system and defense mechanism.


So Dearies hope the above information will help you establish a meaningful Fall Routine and keep your skin well protected this Autumn.



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