Hi loves! It’s Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here again today to share some tips on one of the biggest bad skin habits out there! If you find yourself constantly partaking in picking your skin, picking your face or even scratching at your face, then best believe it’s time for you to break that habit! Skin picking is one of the worst bad skin habits to have, especially if you struggle with bad skin texture, acne or discoloration!

Skin Picking?

Skin picking is extremely common, especially in individuals who already have a rougher skin texture, acne, bumps and dry skin flakes. It only feels natural to pick off those nasty bits that make our skin look rough, however these actions can lead to more harm than good!

Picking the skin is not only a problem on the facial area, but also on the body. If you have any scabs or bumps on the arms and legs such as keratosis pilars, then skin picking in those areas can also be a problem as these rough skin texture can be triggers to underlying conditions that entice us to pick our skin.

Why Do We Pick Skin?

Picking skin is extremely common as it is not only a normal action to remove unwanted textures, but it is a trigger from anxiety and stress! Many of us have nervous habits and actions that appear when we are more stressed out than usual. The most common anxious habits are all linked to forms of skin picking. These habits can be, nail biting, skin picking, pinching skin, lip picking and lip biting. If you yourself notice you bite your lips often or pick the skin off your lips often, then take a closer look at the times you start doing these habits. If you notice you pick only in times when you are feeling uneasy, then you bad skin habit most certainly is linked to stress or anxiety.

Why You Should Stop

These bad habits not only are not pretty to look at but they also can lead to some more serious problems. If you bit your nails, then you are making yourself more susceptible to sickness. The nails can traps lots of bacteria under them, if the nails aren’t perfectly cleansed when you bit out of stress, then you most likely are directly putting bad bacteria into your mouth, making you more prone to becoming sick with a cold or virus.

If you bit your lips often, not only does it look unappealing and make lipstick wearing more annoying, but once again it can make you more prone to colds depending on how deep the wound is that you create. Of course this is only a higher risk if you pick your lips rather than biting. However both forms of this bad skin habit should be stopped.

Lastly, if you pick your skin on the face, you are not only causing trauma to the skin, but you are also increasing your chances of acne! Picking existing acne with your fingers spreads acne causing bacteria not only on the top layers of the skin, but also on the inner layers. This spreads the acne bacteria internally to other pores, increasing the chances of papules and cystic acne! If you suffer from acne prone skin and skin picking, then be sure to break this bad skin habit ASAP!

How to Stop?

Breaking bad skin habits is not easy, especially when these habits can be linked to stress and anxiety. I for one was very guilty of skin picking when I had acne, as well as lip biting! The best way I found to break these bad skin habits was to create a punishment method for myself. Whenever I could start to feel to urge to pick my skin on my face or begin to pick my skin, I would lightly slap my cheeks with my hands. Sure it sounds a bit odd, but it was truly how I succeeded in resolving my bad skin habits! I now can happily say I rarely ever pick at my skin!

For lip biting, I was able to curb the habit by constantly wearing unflavored lip chap. This way when I would go to bite my lips, I would taste the lip chap and thus avoid biting the lips as the product did not taste good and I didn’t not want to remove it from my lips.

For nail biting, there are products you can purchase from local drugstores that help prevent nail biting. These products are generally forms of nail polish that have a bad taste! When you begin to bite, the bad taste will be present and thus stop you from biting further.

Of course, the most cost effective way to break your bad skin habits and skin picking habits is to find a subtle punishment method that doesn’t draw attention to yourself. Such as a slight slap on the cheeks if your picking your face or pinching yourself on your arm or legs if you pick your skin elsewhere.

Breaking these habits isn’t always easy and it does take dedication, but once it’s broken, not only will you look better, but you will feel better as well! Plus your skin will be so happy you stopped!

How To Heal Skin?

So you pick the skin on your face? If yes, then not only is breaking that bad skin habit important, but you should also work on using some product to help prevent infection and speed up the skin healing process. So you can have clearer, healthier skin faster.

I recommend using light cream designed to heal skin trauma while gently fighting acne bacteria.

TRY: Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream (acne preventing & skin repair), Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask (skin repair), Zymogen Ferment Houttuynia Cordata Extract Lotion (acne fighting & repair)

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