Real Tips for New Runners

Real Tips for New Runners

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Today we are going to tackle a common question for those looking to get fit, how to start running. As we all know running has a number of health benefits, which is why todays topic is going to cover almost every aspect of running. This includes the clothes you wear while running, the usage of stamina enhancing pills, the best running practices, the use of phone applications that function as your trainer, advantages and disadvantages of running and more over, for people who have never taken up running but intend to in the near future. Plus some valuable advice on the question, “how to start running”.

Why is Running Good for Health?

Improves overall Body Functionality:

Statistics prove that a weekly running regime for men involving the burning of 3000 calories and 2500 calories for women can reduce age related disorders by over 50%! Crazy right?

Healthy Heart:

Running is a natural form of cardio, even a 12-15 mile weekly run can substantially reduce the chances of high blood pressure, thus keeping heart ailments in check.

Stronger Bone Structure:

As the process of running virtually involves the movement of every limb and muscle, thus it would be correct to say that a daily or weekly running routine can help strengthen bone and increase its density.

Common Cold:

People suffering with the symptoms of common cold, bronchitis or asthma have shown significant improvement when made to slowly take upon running every day. Besides regulating the flow of air in the nasal passage running helps boost the natural defences of the human body. Making it an amazingly ideal way to boost your immune system to get rid of those pesky morning stuffy noses.

Breathe Easy:

People who run daily or even most days of the week are known to breathe easier and find relief from the symptoms of cold and cough. A healthy respiratory system to keep you daily life in check!

Sleep Easy:

As running involves some amount of strain and most people do feel tired after a long run. It is quiet natural for people to get a better sleep after a long run. Research has once again proven that people suffering with insomnia have fallen asleep in as less as 15-20 minutes after a good run. So say good-bye to restless and sleepless nights!

Improves Brain Functionality:

People who run on a daily basis stay sharper and are more productive according to American and British researchers.

Live Healthier and Longer:

Running on a daily basis is known to keep the metabolism and immunity of the body enhanced besides helping you maintain a healthy heart. This effect substantially reduces the chances of pre-mature death.

How to start running?

Start Slow:

For non runners confused on how to start running, the easiest way to start running is by beginning with some basic stretch exercises. This is to be followed by a 15 minute brisk walk. Although you are tempted to take up running immediately but it is recommended to gradually increase the pace once the stamina increases. This way, you will prevent injury.

Introducing Running:

The first day:

For your first time running try to make at least 2km, it’s okay to run slowly just focus on your breathing & your form keeping arms at a 90 degree angle at hip height with elbows kept close to your sides. If you’re running for the distance, make arm movement minimal (This is the mantra most runners follow).

Once your body has set into the daily routine; it is now time to give it a taste of the fast lane. You can now introduce short bouts of running. This means for every 5 minutes of walk you can run one minute. The concentration should initially be on consistency not pace. This is also known as interval training and is excellent for increasing your endurance by strengthening your running muscles.

If you plan to dedicate an hour or an hour and a half, you can adopt a ratio dedicating 2/3 of the time to walking and rest to running.

Gradually Increase Time and Distance:

As your body further starts falling in routine and accepting the process of running, the time would now be correct to increase your efforts. You can slowly reverse the math to sway the routine to dedicating your effort to 2/3 of the time dedicated to running and 1/3 towards walking.

Let the Body Decide:

As the process of running begins to settle in more, it is natural that your stamina will increase. At this time your body will give you inputs to drag the running routine even further. This is the final lap, at this point of time you can if the body permits, dedicate the entire schedule to running.

A fair Warming:

Never forget to start off your daily routine with 10 minutes of stretches before and after you finish your run. This will help keep muscle pains in check by releasing pain and tiredness, thus preventing injury.

Run Light:

It is always advisable to run with a minimum amount in your stomach. Over stuffing yourself before a run would just make you feel heavy and reduce performance. It is ideally advised to eat a light snack 30 minutes before a morning run. Alternatively if you have just relished a hearty meal, giving space for a couple of hours for the meal to digest would and then take a run. If you do not follow this rule, your run will be cut short due to cramping and stomach pains.

The Runners Gear:

I have always believed that shoes are the only form of gear runners basically require. However if you are running on a daily basis in hot conditions it would be recommended to wear lightweight stretchy fabrics which do not hold moisture. For instance I would recommend runners to wear an underwear, tights and light fabric tee. For ladies a sports bra is a good alternative. Cotton is worn by many runners as they think it is light but the fact is that cotton actually holds on to moisture in the form of sweat, thus adding unnecessary weight and trapping heat.

Alternative if you’re running conditions expose you to the cold, wearing a wind breaker, jacket, a sports hat and gloves can shield you from the bitter cold in the winter months. Some athletes simple put on a warm tracksuit and a pair of light weight trainers and that’s about it.

Today you would find a number of shoes, some being neutral others suited to stability and motion control. However it is most important part to keep in mind is that the shoe you wear should not spoil the shape of foot arch once it gets into vigorous motion.

If you are a beginner a neutral shoe like the Nike Pegasus or Sketchers fit the bill in every aspect of basic running.

Caffeine Pills & Coffee:

If your looking to go for an early morning or evening jog, a cup of coffee or caffeine pills can do wonders towards providing you a quick dosage of energy. Caffeine is suited to stimulate the nervous system and to improve the performance of both the mind and the body. The only advantage of caffeine pills over regular coffee is that you can regulate your consumption of caffeine. While Caffeine is known to stimulate the nervous system it also leads to insomnia and headaches if over consume, in addition to yellowing of teeth due to coffee consumption. Therefore a 250 mg pill can get you the results in terms of the fitness and keep the adverse effects of overconsumption at an arm’s length. But if you love/need that morning cup of joe, by all means indulge before your run!

The Runkeeper Application:

 Real Tips for New Runners

The Runkeeper is one application which is ideally suited to track running. The application helps you in meeting your running targets and tells you exactly what you need to do. The Runkeeper app also helps you identify the progress you have made with your running. A great feature of the application is that you can even introduce a small element of healthy competition by competing with your friends. Thus this application helps you maintain a healthy routine without compromising with your busy schedule. No wonder this is one of the most preferred running apps and has a total of 45 million downloads world over. Finally if you need a coach, set a routine, enter into a challenge or listen to audio tips. The Runkeeper app can do it all for you.

Effects on Skin:

Running outdoors can have an adverse effect on ones skin. From loosing nutrition due to the effects of nature and skin getting dry with constant exposure to the sun’s rays, we have for you two products which can help you maintain healthy skin and keep your running routine intact at the same time. The products we recommend are safe, certified and suited to all types of skin.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner:

 Real Tips for New Runners

The Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is based on a non-irritating formulation and is ideally suited to restoring nourishment towards facial skin. The toner seeps deep within the skin pores to provide a good boost of hydration for tired skin. As compared to conventional toners, this product from Klairs enhances the skin ability to retain moisture by over 20%. If you are looking for relief from dry and fatigued skin, the Klairs Supple Facial Toner is exactly what you want.

Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Screen:

 Real Tips for New Runners

Running under the direct exposure to the suns UV rays can do a lot of harm to the skin. Using a sun guard or a sun block cream can protect the skin from the exposure to UVA and UVB rays. The Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Screen is just not like any other normal sun screen. The cream is a scientifically prepared for sun protection which and made up of natural ingredients which provide the skin with the protection it requires. Finally one aspect that sets it apart from the rest is fact that it contains Aloe which helps hydrate the skin significantly while protecting it from the sun at the same time.


How you start running depends on your level of fitness but it is ideally recommended to take a step by step approach and add a little thrust to the routine on a daily basis. I would like to end by wishing you with a lot of good wishes towards incorporating a healthy living.


 Real Tips for New Runners

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