Tips on How to Shop Wisely and Save Money on

As you may all know, is an online Korean beauty & cosmetic store with worldwide shipping. For those of you who are new to purchasing products directly through international online site, I will teach you some shopping guides and some tips on how to shop wisely.

What is Wishtrend?

Korea is the powerhouse of beauty, and Wishtrend has the capability to send the most trendy and selected cosmetics from Korea to foreign customers promptly. Also, Wishtrend is now known by so many beauty gurus from foreign countries. Unlike other online Korean cosmetics stores that bring products that are commonly known, Wishtrend holds exclusive and high-quality products that are reasonably priced, selected by Wishtrend Merchandisers. If you want to know about Wishtrend, please read more here.

How to sign up and enter your shipping address


Shipping & CS Service

(1) Shipping & Delivery
Are you curious to know if Wishtrend can ship to your country? Then click this link to check if it’s possible to ship to your country, and how long it takes to get to your place.

(2) How to Track your shipment
If you want to track your product, Click the TRACKING number on the ‘My Account’ > ‘Order History and Tracking‘ page. Some countries are not able to give the exact information on where your products are at, then you can take the tracking number and ask your local post office about it! *Also, keep in mind that even if the product has been sent, it may say “Korea” if it has not arrived officially in your country. It might be just on the plane :)

(3) CS Service & Contact Info
If you have any questions or errors on your order, just contact the CS team ( They will kindly help you as soon as possible. And if you have any other inquiries apart from CS issue, please check the contact info here.

Special tips to save money

I will tell you some useful tips on how to save money on Wishtrend. ;)

(1) Join and use Friend Invitation System.
You can save money easily by inviting your friend to Do you remember putting in a recommender code (11725303) in the ‘Friend Invitation Program’ box? Log into your account and click ‘Friend Invitation Rewards Program’. You will see your own promo code. Share this promo code or your account email with your friends, and once your friends use this code to sign up for Wishtrend, your friend will receive a $5 voucher. AND if your friend makes any kind of purchases on Wishtrend, you will get a $5 voucher for each order ! And you can easily convert these vouchers into cash, and use it whenever you want to purchase on Wishtrend. How amazing is that? If you want to know more details on this system, check that here.

(2) How to get free shipping service.
I’m pretty sure many of you guys are worried about the worldwide shipping fee, because it can get pretty expensive! So on Wishtrend, if you use 69USD or more, you can get free standard shipping. Hmm, and there’s another way to get free shipping! Some of you may know already, right? ;) If you add products that gives you free shipping to your cart, you can get free shipping with no other problems! These products on the Free Shipping Zone are updated weekly.

(3) Get a 10% discount code after writing a review.
After trying your products that you purchased from Wishtrend, write a ‘premium review’ on the product page, and receive a 10% discount code for your next purchase. This code would be provided via your email. Don’t miss this discount chance as well. :)

(4) Getting special deals and trendy beauty advices on social networks
Wishtrend is trying our best to add in exclusive beauty products to our store, and share useful beauty tips and tricks as well. You can see these amazing information on our official channel, and other social networks.
(FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest and Google+) Just by subscribing and following all these social networks, you can get special deals and amazing tips, so don’t lose that special chance!

I hope you learned some great tips by reading this! If you have any questions, check the FAQ page here. And if you have any problem when you shop on Wishtrend, please ask to our CS team. ( Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy shopping on Wishtrend ! <3

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