How to remove nail stickers.

How to remove nail stickers for healthy nails.

Nail Stickers Remove

Did you enjoy my tutorial video about nail stripe stickers? Many of you have asked me how to remove the stripe afterward, so I will show you that. It’s pretty easy and simple!!! ;)

1. Enjoy fabulous nail design sticker about a week to 10 days. When it wears out, it’s time for removal!


2. From the edge, gently pull off the sticker. (It may hurt a little bit if the sticker is attached strongly.)


3. Because it is sticker, some of the stickiness might have been left in the surface of nails. Remove them with polish remover.


4. Tah-dah!!!! You can see clean and newly looking nails:)



So, its pretty easy, right? I think comparing to removing glittered nail polish or other nail arts, it requires much less effort and time to do. Plus, it doesn’t damage much of the nail surface!!!

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