How to minimize pores for dry skin

How to minimize pores for dry skin

Causes of large pores with dry skin:

- Skin lacks moisture and oil
- due to the dryness, your area of dead skin thickens, so it may clog pores
- due to the dryness, your skin can age so your pores can enlarge
- have tiny sweat holes compare to other skin types

Pore Care Steps to minimize pores

Tips for Dry Skin Types

  1. Cleansing is extremely important because it can take away a lot of moisture on your face

– use cream, gel, or oil type of cleansers
– only do extra thorough cleansing on the days you had makeup on
– when you stay home, let your skin rest and don’t put makeup on and do a light cleansing
– stay away from strong cleansers because they can trigger your sebaceous glands to over produce oil.

Large pores on those with dry skin are in a “U” shape. This shape of enlarged pores displays the skin is being stretched because of dryness, which makes pores become stretched and appearing larger.

How to minimize pores for dry skin

 Skincare Steps

  1. Make thick bubbles and cleanse your t-zone with your 4th finger (giving it the least pressure), and cleanse the rest of your face
  2. Rinse with water (make sure you splash the water onto your face rather than rubbing your face you’re your hands)
  3. Do not wipe off the water on your face with a towel, but dab the water lightly to soak in.
  4. Spray mist or put on your toner with a cotton pad
  5. Then, put on the rest of your skincare steps

My Personal Tip To Minimize Pores

Put a small amount of the product (see bellow) on your face and make sure that it soaks in well, then put another layer on.

This helped my dry skin so much especially during autumn and winter times. Another habit that really helped me was not to use a cleanser to wash your face in the morning. You can just rinse off with water, and that is enough! If it feels iffy at first, use a pore soap for your t-zone and rinse off with water the rest of your face.

Tips on Choosing your Products for your Pores

  1. For Essence, Cream, Lotion,

– it is good to choose a product that is not sticky, has mixed ingredients with antioxidant effect, has ceramide, and NMF product (natural moisturizing factor)

  1. For Sun block

– for not just dry skin types, but it’s important for every skin types to use sun block always!

  1. For Makeup (Foundation, Powder, BB Cream, etc)

– try not to put on makeup when you don’t have to. It’s good to let your skin breath
– try to avoid using concealers because usually they will clog your pores
– putting on makeup can make unnecessary dead skin, which will clog your pores and eventually enlarge your pores also.

Skimiso Pore Corset Serum

How to minimize pores for dry skin

I wanted to recommend this serum because it was the first product that I felt like it really made a difference for my pores. Usually, it’s hard to see results and changes for your pores because it takes so much time. This product also took some time for me to see a difference. The serum was said to tighten you pores within 20 minutes after you put it on. I really wanted to test this out! So at the Wishtrend office we actually bought a camera that magnifies up to 500times and tested this product out! After 20 minutes, we didn’t see a huge difference but we definitely could tell that the corset serum really helped to tighten my pores. Ever since then, I’ve been using this serum and it always helps to exfoliate my dead skin around the nose area really well.

Skinmiso Pore Zero Night Cream

How to minimize pores for dry skin

These days, before I use anything I make sure to check which ingredients are in the products I use. It always feels good to come across a product that is good AND that has all natural ingredients in it! This pore cream is designed only with natural ingredients to replenish the skin with pure antioxidants and hydration from nature, the Pore Zero Night Cream is made to hydrate, calm, whiten, control, prevent, tighten, and restore—all in one product. I recommended this many times because I feel like this does the work a sleeping back because it’s so easy! All you have to do is put it on and go to bed and in the morning, you will get the same effect as putting on a sleeping pack! This is a great last step of skincare to do for those of you who are looking for a product that will take care of pores. And not only that, it has other 6 strong functions!


How to minimize pores for dry skin


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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!