How To Heal & Prevent Acne Scars?

How To Heal & Prevent Acne Scars

Occurring of the acne scars is a grave problem for most of the people. It is a little dark blemish on the skin, which remains after treating pimple. Although it’s not that serious, but certainly very embarrassing if you have to face people every day. Usually, it occurs at the stage of adolescence by the inflammation of sebaceous glands through bacterial infection. Many people do not find this situation comfortable, and resort to its medical treatment.

What Are Acne Scars Really?

The acne scars are generally the deep serration, caused by the blemish of the skin. They take a long time to heal, and only a laser treatment can remove the problem at fast pace. The black marks, which appear on the skin, are known as the atrophic scars. Some scars tend to affect the insides of the skin more than the outer region. The hypertrophic scars are the ones which appear on the skin as raised bumps. Some acne scars do not disappear completely, but they visually improve with the passage of time. People often make a cover of cosmetic camouflage in order to hide the marks.

Difference Between Acne Scars & Marks

When the acne scars occur they give a whitish-orange color to the skin of a person. They do not tend to disappear completely. Whereas, the acne marks are brown or reddish flat dots, which are left by after the treatment of pimples. A person suffers from an uneven patchy skin, but preserves the smooth look. These marks will disappear, but the duration will depend upon its severity. However, some people feel that having hyper pigmentation is way better, then the acne scars. Reason being, these scars do respond positively to the treatment and disappear after a certain time.

These scars appear right where the cystic pimples occur. They can be classified as deep or shallow. There are chances of them worsen if they are exposed to excessive sunlight, or if a person applies the vitamin-e contents on the affected area.

Types Of Acne Scars

  • There are scars which develop more vehemently on the skin, and leave the skin with indented marks. They are called ice picks. Its shape looks uneven and shallow, like the ice crack on the layer of the skin. These kind of scars usually occur from the lost of tissue from the basic round acne.
  • The soft and wrinkled scars that happen on the skin, are known as atrophic maculest. They often turn blue in color, due to the presentation of blood vessels underneath.
  • The soft scars occur with slanting or undulating ends, which tend to mix up with the skin layer. They are either quite small in size, round or sometimes parallel.

Treatment Of The Scars

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The remedies for acne mainly include laser treatments, skin needling and filler injections. The filler injections are filled with collagen to improve the elasticity of the skin, and let it renew gradually. Dermabrasion is yet another cosmetic medical procedure, in which the surface of the epidermis of the skin is removed by abrasion.
Many people tend to use natural remedies for acne to cure the acne and acne scars. Reason being, they are not comfortable with using intense chemicals or other rigorous treatments. The natural remedies for acne include placing the tomato pulp or slices on the affected area. You can use the mixture of honey and cinnamon, and apply on your skin. Raw shredded potato can also be applied on the skin layer. Lemon juice applied with a cotton ball on the skin area also helps to cure the acne to a great extent.

Foaming Cleanser and mask packs are most used remedies for acne. They make the skin tone of the person even, and also add a lot in nourishing the skin. Gradually, the impact of the scars will lessen to a great extent. These treatments are quite gentle, and do not cause any rashes or red marks on the skin. These peels and masks can also be applied amidst the medical treatment.

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