5 Step Korean Skincare Routine: How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

What is Oil on Your Skin Telling You?
Oil produced from the sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) definitely plays an important role in our skin. It moisturizes our skin, prevents our skin from drying out and aging too fast, and even lubricates the skin which protects our skin from external factors. However, when the oil becomes excessive and not taken care of, the journey to greasiness, breakouts, pigmentation and acne begins. We that an oily complexion is so hard to manage and can affect people of all ages and leads to quite stressful blemishes, pimples, and other skin problems.

Do I have Oily Skin?
Well, but are you sure if you have oily skin or not? Before we start treating our skin, we need to know whether we have oily skin. It is quite easier to notice whether I have oily skin or not because the secretion of oil is more noticeable and leaves marks to let you know that your skin is desperately in need of oil control.

Signs that I have Oily Skin
Here are some of the signs that tell you that you need to take a closer look into what we have prepared today.
– My skin turns greasy by the afternoon
– I have enlarged pores especially around the t-zone
– I am prone to breakouts and acne
– I notice more blackheads than my friends
– After making phone calls, my phone screen has oil marks
– My bangs get easily oily
* But remember that there is a high possibility that oily skin can have 속건성 (dry skin from within)

If you are have nodded to all of the categories above, you are in an urgent need to control your oil on your face. And the key to controlling your excessive oil level on your face starts from reevaluating the skincare routine and skincare products that you are currently using. But if you have no idea from where to make a change and how to change your previous routine, don’t worry, we have brought the perfect Korean skincare routine on how to get rid of oily skin with only 5 simple steps with some of the best skincare products for oily skin.

Before we present you with the routine, here are some everyday habits you would like to remember to escape greasy oily skin.

Some Habits You Would Like to Remember to Escape Oily Skin
– Eat more: Fiber / Water / Cucumber / Grapefruit / Omega 3
– Eat less: Dairy Products / Added Sugar / Fatty Meat / Salty Snacks / Enriched Flour
– Get enough sleep & exercise regularly
– And of course, avoid any stress….

The Solution: Day & Night Routine for Oily Skin
Now, we have brought the effective but simple 5 step Korean skincare routine on how to get rid of oily skin.

Step1. Cleansing 
For any skin type and skin condition, cleansing is the very first step of the skincare routine, and which product you decide to go for to cleanse your face, remove impurities before jumping into any skincare products is so important. We have brought two product recommendation each for extremely oily skin and oily but dehydrated skin from within.

PIN_Oily-Skin-Type_1For extremely oily skin, it is better to use a soap type cleansing product that has great sebum control. On the other hand, for oily and dehydrated skin, choose a cleanser that has great oil & water balance so that you won’t lose moisture but still remove excessive oil off from your face.

Step2. Mask
For oily skin type, we are not talking about sheet masks but instead a clay mask. You would want to move onto giving your oily skin a clay mask care to not only control your sebum but also to cleanse your pores.


Step3. Toner
Of course, if you are done with the mask step, it’s time to give the tone your face by providing the first layer of moisture onto your face. It’s so important to choose a toner that is not too thick and that has the perfect viscosity so that your oily skin won’t feel any burden. We have brought two different product recommendation for day and night and both tones your face with a fresh finish and with no burden.

For day routine, our [Klairs] Supple Preparation Facial Toner will be the perfect one to go for since it will keep the perfect ph level balance of your skin and leave a non-oily and mild finish to work your next skincare steps. And for the night routine, the [COSRX] One Step Up Moisture Up Pad will be the perfect type of product to not only tone your face but mildly exfoliate your face with the touch of hydration.

Step4. Serum
Now the serum step. I’m sure a lot of our oily skin type out there will be afraid to hear the word serum. However, if you choose the right serum that works for your oily skin, you will never miss this step in your skincare routine.


Again two different product recommendation for day and night. For day care, try adding a light-weight serum that can control the production of sebum with pore tightening effect. And for night care, go thicker and add a vitamin c serum so that you can also target your dull skin and pigmentation. But don’t worry, our [By Wishtrend] Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum is a non-sticky texture that even oily skin types love getting their hands on.

Step5. Moisturizer
Finally the last step. Choosing the perfect moisturizer is especially tough for oily skin. For extremely oily skin and oily but dehydrated skin, just make sure to remember one keyword each; for extremely oily skin: oil free gel type and for oily but dehydrated skin: light cream with great oil & water balance.


[I’m from] Vitamin Tree Watergel will be the perfect last step product for extremely oily skin not only because it’s a gel type with a fresh and cooling finish but also because it controls the oil level and even prevents future breakouts. But for oily but dehydrated skin, we strongly recommend you try [Klairs] Rich Moist Soothing Cream because it will target both the oil level but dryness inside your skin.

* To check out details about the recommended products above and how tos check out the video on Wishtrend TV

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