How to Get Clear Skin with Honey

Why Honey? (꿀)

SoOo you guys heard of “Gulpeebu“(꿀피부:Dewy & Flawless Skin) right? Gul means honey and peebu means skin in English~ so it’s “Honey Skin!” It means flawless and dewy glowing skin even if you don’t have any make on^.~ Theres more! Skin that looks really moistured and great is also called “Gulgwang”(꿀광:Dewy Glow) makeup which means Honey glow! Like Beyonce’s sexy thighs, sexy thighs are also called “Gulbukji”(꿀벅지:Sexy thighs) which means “Honey thighs”. Smart and informative tips are also called “Gultip“(꿀팁:Useful Tips) which means “Honey Tip”. Some of us also call your lovers, honey right? Not only is honey just sweet but is so healthy for our health and also has great effects on our skin. Let me share how to get clear skin with Honey^.~

As u guys probably all noticed, yes! Today’s secret key ingredient is honey! From centuries back, it is proven that honey is a great ingredient for beauty with great effects. I wanted to talk about how and why honey is so great for us! I wanted to share skin care secrets and many different beauty tips on how to use honey to make your skin clear&glowing like many of the celebs in Korea. There’s also news about 50% discount and free shipping of the 2015’s first special honey deal of Wish,Try,Love! (13rd-19th, January)

Honey Benefits

As I mentioned in the beginning, everything good is said with the word “Honey”. Of course it’s great for your health and it gives many benefits to your skin also! Let’s check it out(Yes I’m obsessed with honey these days! I love the effects I’ve been seeing with em for my skin and I’ve been dying to share how to get clear skin with honey wOOohOOo^.~)

1. Relieves & Calms your acne
First of all, honey has a natural antibiotic ingredient so it is effective to calm and relieve your pimples.

2. Relieves your troubled scars
Honey is also excellent for whitening so it’ helps with your new marks or scars from your acne and also of course helps to lighten the old scars.

3. Moisturizing Effect
Honey is great not only for soothing but it has the characteristic of pulling all the moisture together so it makes your skin moisturized and glow.

4. Helps with Healthier Hair
It gives moisture and nourishments to your damaged hair to make it soft and smooth.

5. Natural Coloring Effect
Honey also has the effect of coloring your hair and making it lighter. Put 6 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of hair dye and mix it together! Put in on your hair, but make sure it doesn’t get on your scalp, and leave it for 1hour and rinse and you’ll be able to see your hair colored lighter^.~

6. Anti-aging
Honey has great amount of anti-aging ingredient that has the effect of antioxidant and anticancer!

7. Relieves eczema and the Redness
Honey also has the ingredients of anti-infection also, so it relieves eczema and also your blood vessels from enlarging. It is excellent to relieve edema also.

Our Recommendation

Sensitive Skin Symptoms & Treatment



Now let me tell you the “Special Honey Recipe for Clear and Glowing Skin” and how to get clear skin with honey!
SoO now u guys all know that honey is an excellent ingredient for your skin with many great effects right? But from all the “Honey” cosmetic products in the market, a lot of them doesn’t even have 1% of honey in the product! There are many chemical ingredients in it and it’s hard to see the effects that “Honey” can give us. Okay! so you guys are worried which product that u can choose right? sOo through Wish,Try,Love, I wanted to introduce a special honey recipe with the choices of the best and effective products with pure ingredient of honey that will give you flawless&healthy glowing skin. I want to recommend it for those of you who want moistured and clean skin and those of you from normal or combination skin type to even oily but dry skin with trouble, and extremely dry skin also!

5th WTL product Details for presta

Let me introduce today’s special honey recipe!
Honey mask, honey cream, honey oil, these 3 products plus! as a free gift we are throwing in 10 Elishacoy’s honey masks that u can use in your busy mornings easily to see the honey skin care effect~
All of these products will be in full size and the there will be total of 51% discount. And u know Wishtrend’s safe world wide shipping service right? Starting today this offer will last 7 days only! soOo for those of you who want the honey recipe to make “flawless and dewy skin”, please click here or check the below !

Special Honey Recipe for Clear & Dewy skin


1. [I’M FROM] Honey Cream (Real Honey 5.3% Inside !)

First product is a new product from ‘I’M FROM’! It’s the Honey Cream!
* It doesn’t contain made extracts of honey but contains 5.3% of REAL natural honey from Ji-Lee mountain
* 44.93% propolis which is known to make a lot of the celebs’ “honey skin”(it’s the liquid that the bee puts at the entrance and walls of the beehive to protect the inside of the hive: protection of skin, improves damaged skin)
* royal jelly(It’s what the queen bees eat for nourishment: skin elasticity, gives luster to skin)
* Bees wax(the liquid that the bees make to make the beehive: forms protective layer of moisture, controls oil and moisture balance, gives nourishment)

sOo these 4 ingredients of honey is in the product so the total skin care of moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, and reliving your troubled skin is possible! And also Betaine, Niacinamide, and other excellent ingredients for moisture and whitening is added, and it’s also okay for sensitive skin because there are no chemical ingredients in this amazing product. Some of you guys might be worried that because there are 4 ingredients of honey in the product, that it might be really sticky. That’s what I thought but when I tired it the texture was exactly just like a cream, it was soft and I can feel the moisture but it wasn’t sticky at all. And when u first put it on, u might think that it doesn’t absorb right away into your skin, this is because it’s silicon free!

How to Use:
Put it on your face and dab your face lightly and then with the palm of your hands, just put it on your face so that it can help for the product to soak in and u will be able to feel rich moistured honey skin!


2. [I’M FROM] Honey Mask (Real Honey 38.7% Inside !)

Second product is I’M FROM’s Honey Mask. It’s really popular and loved already by Wishtrend costumers who have already tried it.
*It doesn’t contain made extracts of honey but contains 38.7% of REAL natural honey from Ji-Lee mountain and it’s a special honey care product.
*Ji-Lee mountain’s honey is really effective so it’s even called 약초꿀(Oriental medicinal honey)
*There’s almost 40% of this amazing honey so even after you have tried it just once, u can see the effect.

How to use:
All you need to do is treat your face that has become dull by stress and makeup, with the honey mask for at least 10 minutes to an hour. After that, u just need to rinse it off with water. You will see instant results of moistured, soft, and glowing skin. U will also notice that your skin tone will be brighter and your troubled red scars will be lighter. It’s already popular amongst Korean bloggers as the honey pack to make honey skin!

And they didn’t use any artificial colors but because of the large amount of honey in the product the color is exactly like real honey also. The wonderful thing is that it’s rich in moisture but it’s not sticky at all, it feels like the texture of creme brulee! When u put it on, it gives you a comfortable feeling. One things that is important is, there is a large amount of honey in it so it becomes hard easily in cold temperature so don’t put it in the fridge!


3. [ELISHACOY] Honey Murumuru Moisture Oil

Elishacoy’s Honey Murumuru Moisture Oil is the 3rd product that I want to intruoduce the most! Because of the bad images of oil, many of us do not like using oils right? I of course was one of those people that was afraid to use oil because I thought it would make me break out more! But if u use a proper facial oil, then it’s the key item for honey skin care! Because many of the celebs secret to dewy skin is the facial oil! But of course we hate sticky oils that feels really heavy so that it feels like it blocks our pores also. sOo we have chosen this smart moisture nourishing oil! This product has murumuru seed butter which is known to be an natural ingredient that gives rich moisture, and it has Manuka honey, and 9 other natural plant oil. Its’ texture is very different from other facial oils, it’s not sticky and slippery, it’s texture is like a texture of an essence. It’s very mild and light! It also soaks into your skin really fast so it doesn’t leave your face oily or shiny. It will leave your skin soft and moistured^.~ Even if the out side may seem not oily, but inside your skin, you can definitely feel the rich moisture! And one more thing is that it’s scent is amazing! It has plant flower extracts from lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and rose so the scent is very feminine and not strong at all.

How to use:
It has 120ml so it’s a multi-functional oil for of course your face, rough hands, damaged nails, feet, bottom of your feet, hair and etc! And if you mix it with serum, honey cream, honey pack, BB cream, foundation really well, then u can use it as hair pack or to complete your honey makeup!

For dry skin type, after cleansing, before cream step: toner> oil> toner, in this order then u will see the glowing, dewy effect.
For oily skin type, after cleansing, pour oil of the size of a little bean and then put in your face> then put toner on the cotton and then put it on your face, since the oil and toner will mix together, it will give u the moisture and oil balance.
For extremely dry skin, here is a tip for special moisture care. Put everything on until the step of cream> then put the facial oil and massage your face> then get a steamed towel and put it on top of your face and rest! This will boost up the moisture effect twice as much!

Honey is good for Health as well.

Honey is really great not just for beauty for your health also! They tested 25 men from Illinois, America, to drink honey water. The results came out that from their blood, they found out that the amount of anti-aging and anticancer ingredients have gone up! When u are cooking, it’s also a great idea to use honey instead of sugar. Thank u guys for watching and with new year’s Wish,Try,Love that we have prepared for u guys, I hope that we all become beautiful on the outside and inside also!

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!