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Hi, today we are going to focus on just one of the most troublesome skin conditions, namely ACNE. The discussion would look into how and why ACNE can affect the skin on any part of the body from head to toe and what an individual can do in order to tackle this menace. ACNE as we know affects the face and the forehead in most cases but a lot of people are unaware that ACNE just does not target the facial area. It affects any part of the body where body oils are being produced at an accelerated pace. A number of people have found ACNE allergies even around the neck, shoulders, back and chest.

Causes of Skin ACNE:

Skin Acne is cause mostly due to neglect, eating unhealthy or too much of junk food, inadequate workout which leads to fat accumulation,  wrong working habits and most of all insufficient rest. Keep in mind the time when the body is resting is the time when the food we have consumed all day is getting digested to provide us with the required amount of energy to carry on our day to day activity, so adequate amounts of rest is an absolute necessity for the human body.

The Solution:

Exfoliate or Rather, How to Exfoliate?

Now most of us know that exfoliation helps to keep ACNE in check but knowing how to exfoliate correctly is more important than just getting into the process. Now you would be thinking “how do I get this process of exfoliation correct”. As we know exfoliation is a process which works towards a “deep skin pore wash therapy”. This means the skin is cleaned from deep within the pores to all remove traces of oil and sebum.

What is Sebum?

Sebum is the accumulation of the dirt, body oil’s and dry skin which together clogs the skin pores. This leads to the dilation of the hair follicle which further leads to the formation of black/white heads or pimples (which can be defines as ACNE skin disorders).

How to Exfoliate Correctly?

Clean Properly and Deep:

Make sure that you are cleaning the skin properly. The process involves scrubbing the face correctly so that the accumulation of sebum is squeezed out and the pore is free of clogging.

Use the Correct Products:

Just as it is important to clean the skin properly, it is equally important to use a correct product which is safe and suitable to your type of skin. Using a sensitive skin product would always be recommended because the product would be more natural in its formulation. Please remember using a product having greater chemical content can do more harm and less good.

For this specific purpose we have some products on recommendation. These products are skin friendly and are suitable for usage on all types of skin, even the most sensitive of skin types.

It would be the combination of both a healthy lifestyle and correct oral skincare which can cure your body of acne related skin troubles from the root.

Following are some products we recommend:

23 Years Old Badecasil Cream:


The 23 Years Old Badecasil Cream is an excellent product which helps to keep the effects of ACNE in control. The product refreshes the skin to restore it with adequate amounts of moisture. This process of skin moisturization helps skin maintain a healthy PH Level of 3.29. The product also has exfoliation properties which makes is penetrate deep within the skin pores to clean it of sebum and dirt. A special feature of the cream is that it is formulated with Jeju Sahn Bang Mountain’s Carbonated thermal water which makes it a natural dose of good health for the skin and an option to maintain soft, healthy and naturally glowing skin.

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish:

The Ideal Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Routine

This is one of the best exfoliating products which is on offer. The Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish as the name suggests contains abundance of black sugar which seeps deep within the skin pores to exfoliate skin properly. If you have uneven patches of dryness on the skin then the application of this product will make the skin tone appear even. The product also facilitates natural moisturization within the skin which makes the skin look young and fresh. Finally the product is absolutely natural and contains no alcohol, parabens or any sort of artificial coloring.

Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub:


This product replenishes natural energy and returns optimum skin balance by making the use of skin revitalizing elements found in nature. The answer to this products goodness is found in none other than the Jungle. The product contains Finely Ground Walnut Shell Granules and it contains a number of natural oils which are sourced directly from the jungles to exfoliate and purify skin. The use of the Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub exfoliates skin of all unwanted elements to make skin looking healthy, smooth and radiant.

Chica Y Chico Konjac Sponge:


This 100% Natural Konjac Sponge has been sourced from the Jeju Islands and holds a number of detergency properties. The product is very suited to clean corner spots of the body effectively. The use of the Chica Y Chico Konjac Sponge enhances the effectiveness of the skin cleanser. A special feature of the product is that it is suited for use on sensitive skin and it flawlessly boosts the bubbling and massage effect of an exfoliation therapy, therefore its usage can be very helpful for those looking to get rid of ACNE and its harmful effects.


Dear Friends I would like to sign off with a simple advice. Please don’t ignore ACNE and at least take upon a Daily Skin Care routine to care after your skin and outward appearance. If you do believe in skin exfoliation, please understand the importance of exfoliating correctly. Knowing how to exfoliate is utmost important to get desired skin results. You would therefore need to dedicate some amount of time each day to clean the skin and its pores from deep within.

Wishing you all the Best,



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