How to Detox your skin After Summer


Anyong! Hello it’s me Eunice!

Summer is gone and it’s already September. How was your summer this year? I’m sure you guys spend a lot of time outdoors because the weather was so awesome! But…while you were having a blast, did you know that fine dust and toxins were building up in our skin?

Without realizing how much harmful threats have built up due to the environmental reasons. If we just leave our skin this way then every time the season changes, your skin’s condition will drop, your skin will become rough and dull.

So today, I have prepared a solution that will bring back your skin’s health and vitality. Today is our 9th Wish, Try, Love’s “How to detox skin solution after summer.” I have brought not only tips for skin detox but also how to massage, and Wish, Try Love’s special deal that is always loved by you guys!

Should I Detox?

First, Let’s check our skins condition

-your skin sags because you are lacking elasticity?
-when you wake up in the morning, your dark circles are really bad?
-your pores look bigger than before?
-you have more wrinkles than before?
-your skin tone looks dull and dark?
-pimples don’t calm down easily?

If you have more than 3 checks then it means that you are in desperate need of a skin detox.

Moreover, it’s important to detox in a way that it won’t stimulate your skin too much, and to rest and make sure you give moisture to your skin. If we don’t get rid of the toxins in our body, even if you put on really good products, it will not soak into our skin. And it will also speed up the process of your skins aging and make your skin feel rough. So we need to continuously take care of our skin by releasing toxins in order to have healthy and radiant skin. If you follow the secret routine that I will share for skin detox then you will get rid of every toxin in your skin, and make your skin moisturized and healthy.

How to detox skin? Introducing my Secret Routine

Let me introduce you to my secret routine
Detox cleansing: carbonated water

Its very important to get rid of the waste in our skin by detox cleansing.

If we have dead skin built up, our skin will look dull and rough. And like I said before, your skin will not be able to soak up any products that you put on. I’m going to use carbonated water, not only does carbonated water get rid of waste in our skin but it speeds up your metabolism which sends oxygen to your blood. It also helps with moisture care.

How to Detox your skin After Summer

How to use

  1. Mix 1.5L of water with carbonated powder A,B
  2. Mix well with your hands so that the powder will melt well
  3. Dip your face in the water and repeat for 3-5minutes
  4. After cleansing, rinse with warm water

Explaining the effects

The carbonated water goes deep into our pores and gets rid of the blackheads and waste. After it gets rid of the waste in our pores, it tightens our pores it provides moisture. The carbonic acid soaks into our skin and increases the amount of oxygen and it increases blood circulation which helps to even out your skin tone which will make your skin look brighter. Carbonated water also has massaging effect to help with moisture and oil balance and brings elasticity.

It’s also good for

  • acne care
  • v-line elasticity lifting care
  • clean and clear skin
  • sebum control
  • pore care
  • moisture care

Skin Purification (detox skin care steps):

How to Detox your skin After Summer

Vitamin Mask and Vitamin Water Gel

After carbonated water cleansing, make sure to use a moisturizing toner that will help calm and sooth the skin.
Then, let’s purify our skin by using vitamin tree mask.

How to use

Use the brush to put it on from the inside to the outside. Avoid the eye area and leave for 10 minutes and rinse off with water. There are 621 vitamin leaves in this mask. There is 50.46% of vitamin leave water and 11.5% of vitamin leaf in it. So this baby is packed with vitamin! The texture feels a little bit thick so it wont drip down. It smells like green tea so if you like green tea it kind of gives you a feeling like you’re getting a treatment and getting healed! Once again, it’s excellent for

  • purifying your skin,
  • giving nourishment,
  • recharging vitamins into your skin,
  • calming dead skin,
  • brightening your skin tone,
  • and moisturizing.

The vitamin tree mask and water gel are made of Fresh Vitamin Leaves that are Directly-supplied exclusively from Byeong-Pung Village, Taebaek Mt. Korea. It’s packed with natural vitamins, vitamin care that will make your skin clear and glow. The vitamin tree is called the miracle tree which has 5 times more vitamin E than lemon, and 200 times more vitamin C than apples.

Farm-Fresh natural nutrition makes the product mild so it has the effect to calm your skin, and get rid of any toxins. Vitamins that are extracted from a vitamin tree is different than synthetic vitamins.
It soaks in better and there are no side effects. The company, I’m From has a special technique  to extract the leafs vitamins by using the right amount of temperature of water so that the vitamins will not be destroyed.

After using the Vitamin Tree Mask, to add extra skin protection, try using the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask.

 Soothing Treatment

Of course it is always important to maintain our freshly detoxified skin by adding moisture and deep hydration into the skin regularly. Try using a soothing hydrating mask 1-2 times a week at night. Doing so is great for protecting the skin from toxins. It also helps keep the skin looking fresh and healthy always. I recommend Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask, it provides deep hydration with many skin calming and soothing ingredients from nature.

How to Detox your skin After Summer

Finish With Vitamin Tree Water Gel

After using the Klairs mask sheet, finish with the vitamin water gel.

* Vitamin tree has more Catechin than green tea. Catechin is a natural ingredient so it won’t have any side effects for even people with sensitive skin and has an excellent effect for anti-aging, whitening, and purifying your skin. *

How to Detox your skin After Summer

Why Vitamin mask?

After you rinse with water, you will see a difference instantly!
Your skin will look really bright and clear! It will exfoliate and calm any redness you might have. Your skin will feel smooth and moisturized, it will be glowing from within! After using the mask to purify your skin, put on a mild toner with a cotton pad to make sure you got rid of everything. The vitamin gel has 72.39% of vitamin water and has excellent effect for whitening and moisturizing. For those days that you need extra moisturizing, then put a thick layer on your face and then massage.

You will be able to feel the rich moisture and it will also help with elasticity.

Why Vitamin water gel?

When you put it on, you will immediately feel the cooling effect. It’s very light and it doesn’t feel oily, making it perfect for sensitive to oily skin! The thing that surprised me was how moisturizing it was and at the same time so light. Sometimes when I put on products that are light, my skin feels really dry after sometime, but this water gel felt really good even after. It soaks in well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. The scent is also very mild so that’s one of the things I like also. If you follow my secret routine, you can get rid of all the toxin in your skin and make your skin healthy by making your skin moisturized which will help with elasticity and overall your skin’s health.


How to Detox your skin After Summer


the key point products for my secret routine, vitamin water gel and vitamin mask
And we are throwing in I’m From’s brush that is made of high-quality silicon which will help you to put on any masks smoothly!

I’m From | Vitamin Tree Water Gel
I’m From | Vitamin Tree Mask
I’m From | Silicon Brush


It’s the vitamin gel, vitamin mask, silicon brush AND carbonated cleansing product, Brilliant sparkling powder.
This is not all, for free gift we are giving away 5 Klairs soothing mask sheet which is a mild but excellent with calming and moisturizing.

I’m From | Vitamin Tree Water Gel
I’m From | Vitamin Tree Mask
I’m From | Silicon Brush
Brilliant | Sparkling Power A,B

5 Klairs | Rich Moist Soothing Mask Sheets


I want to recommend this deal for those of you who feel due to the hot weather, summer, your skin is breaking out, your skin feels rough and feels like it’s lacking elasticity, the tone of your skin looks really uneven, and over all you feel like you have to purify your skin, then I want to recommend this solution.


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