How to care damaged hair with products

How to care damaged hair with products

Hair tip – How to care damaged hair with products.

 Based on seasons, natural hair color, fashion identity and many other reasons, we change our hair style with colors and use heat styling tools. Hair styling is a definite step to finalize our own style but it does cause damage to our hair. It will be perfect and worry-less if we all had naturally moisturized and healthy hair, but many of us are not that blessed and regularly rely on products.

 Personally, my hair color changes with the seasons. I also maintain my color monthly, so I tend to have more damage and split ends. Even more so, my hair is relatively long hair, which requires extra care daily with moisturizing products – conditioners, peptides, oils, essences and brushing.

So let me share with you some tips on how to care damaged hair with products, lets start!

How to care damaged hair with products

Step 1 – conditioner

The current condition of my hair has some split ends and it easily gets tangled every day. I also have parts of my hair that can appear differently colored because of multiple dye jobs. However, I am able to maintain a normal level  hair type by using a honey based conditioner,Honey Nourishing Conditioner.

 This hair conditioner is my first step after washing my damaged hair. After I finish shampooing, I pump the conditioner 8-10 times and apply it on my hair, focusing more product on the ends where I have dryness and split ends. The right amount is you use depends on your hair length, thickness and condition, but I recommend to use it an ampule amount to fully coat the hair. Always make sure the avoid putting conditioner directly on the scalp, apply conditioner on the scalp can actually make your hair become oily much quicker then it naturally would. It also can clog the pores on your scalp, blocking and slowing down new hair growth!

Next is to turn your conditioner into a mini hair treatment!
After applying your conditioner, put on a shower cap. This will seal in the heat from your hot shower, allowing the hair to better absorb the benefits of your conditioner. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, I usually clean my body during this time. Once you are finished the rest of your shower routine, remove the shower cap and rinse the conditioner from your hair. Your hair will be extra soft and smooth!

If you hair is very dry and damaged, then it is best to try and do this every time your shower.

How to care damaged hair with products

Step 2 – cream type essence

 Next step is using a peptide essence (leave in treatment), I use this Deep Repair Essence. It is a cream type essence that I apply to my hair right after I towel dry it. It is best to apply hair essences before drying your hair. When you hair is still a bit moist, the follicles are still open, making your hair have a greater ability to absorbs products. Since my hair is long, I pump 6 and massage the ends with my hands. I brush it through my hair very gently then continue to dry my hair. Before my hair is 100% dry I like to give it one more gentle brushing so that is appears more soft, smooth and tangle free.

How to care damaged hair with products

Step 3 – brush and spray type essence

 The hair is already moisturized and dried, now its time to remove any tangles that might remain after blow drying. It is importantly to always carefully comb your hair, especially if it is dry and damaged. I useEyecandy Rainbow Volume S Brush (Medium sized). This combo is designed to be gentle on the hair, not causing any harsh pulling or tugging that can cause hair breakage!

Brushing makes an obvious difference by placing hairs back into a neat and tidy position, removing tangles and knots that can cause more damage, slit ends and breaking. Since I have weak and damaged hair from numerous coloring, I chose this brush to help manage my damaged hair. I also like that it has a mirror on the back that is good if your in a rush or want to take it to go in your purse.

 I took a picture of a part of my hair after the conditioner, essence and brush process. For those of you who have crumbly hair like me, I would recommend to use ‘spray types’ such as theTreatment Water Essence.

 It is little big to carry but I put it in my locker or a bigger handbag to spray it regularly during the day. If I am out for six hours under sunlight or in dry weather, I always try to use it 2-3 time during the day to maintain moisture in my hair. The spray type is little more lighter than cream type. So, it doesn’t make your hair look wet or oily but you should still avoid spraying it on the top of your head.

 Also, it smells like fruit which is really refreshing, but don’t overuse it during the spring season. You might get attacked by bees!!

And of course as well all may already know,
The best way to care damaged hair is to cut the died and split ends regularly, but many of us love to keep our long hair like me. So, remember to use enough products to treatment, but don’t overuse!
I hope my tips could be helpful to anyone with damaged hair.


How to care damaged hair with products

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