How to Apply Eyeshadow | Makeup Tips For Beginners

When you are new to makeup and beauty, it can be a bit intimidating seeing online tutorial videos of makeup looks when all you notice is the use of many different brushes with many different colors.

As a beginner, it can be discouraging. You take a look at your makeup collection and notice you don’t own any brushes or tools for learning how to apply eyeshadow. You even notice your eyeshadow collection consists of 1 Maybelline quad you got for Christmas in your stocking 3 years ago (My personal situation 6 years ago).

So I have chosen a hand full of brushes and alternatives you can use when you are a beginner at learning how to apply eyeshadow. The basic brushes you will need to start you off and what each brush is used for when applying eyeshadow.

How to Apply Eyeshadow | Makeup Tips For Beginners

1. The Small Shadow Brushview it

This is a must have in any beginners collection when learning how to apply eyeshadow. It may seem like an insignificant brush because of it’s small and plain size, however you will be very grateful once you have it in your collection. It’s small flat rounded shape makes it ideal for placing a dense amount of eyeshadow on the lid area, the tough to get inner corner of the eye and is great for softly lining the eyes.

2. Medium Shadow Brushview it

A classic brush in anyones collection. In fact, many makeup artists will have multiples of this style of brush. Why? because it is so multi functional. This brush is excellent for applying eyeshadow to the eyelids, crease, brow bone and even the lower lash line for a smokey look. Not only is it great for placing color, it also works great for blending eyeshadow in targeted areas.

3. Point Blending Brushview it

Not your regular blending brush but necessary when ever your learning how to apply eyeshadow. This dense rounded pencil shaped brush is excellent for any beginners collection. It’s unique shape makes it ideal for smudging eyeliner to create a smokey eye. It can even be used to apply color on the lower lash line for a smokey effect or even great for blending the small area between the eyelid and the crease for gentle targeted eyeshadow blending.

4&5. Eyebrow Brushview it

A must have. When ever you are learning how to apply eyeshadow, it is important you have this angled brush in your collection, in fact, most makeup artists own multiples of this style of brush. Because of it’s unique shape, this brush is ideal for filling in the eyebrows and creating shape, as well as applying eyeliner to the upper and lower lash lines.

How to Apply Eyeshadow | Makeup Tips For Beginners

But of course, every beginner should know some of the most basic beauty tools for learning how to apply eyeshadow are your fingers and cotton buds!

Fingers. Your fingers are always your best tool, practice makes perfect when using your hands. You can apply eyeshadow anywhere on the eyes in any way you like. But of course eyeliner will be difficult, however you fingers will always be an easy quick way to apply eyeshadow when your in a rush.

Cotton Buds. Don’t own a liner brush or smudging brush? Not to worry! You can use a cotton bud to smudge out your eyeliner for a smokey look or apply a soft line of eyeliner. Of course it’s not as precise as a liner brush, but when your in a rush, it get’s the job done.

I hope these tips where helpful to anyone who is learning how to apply eyeshadow and was interested in which tools are best for beginners and how to use them.
I will see you in the next post!


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