Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015

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It’s already April of 2015! That’s why today I wanted to introduce you Korean Beauty Trends 2015 before it’s too late. I will share the trend of this year’s color, hair, skin care, makeup, nail and etc! And I will also share products that match the trends!

1. Color

This year’s color is Marsala! Marsala is the color or Sicilian wine. It means abundance and satisfaction and it’s a color that can calm your mind and heart! It’s very similar to the color Burgundy but it’s a little bit more calm. It’s a color that will make you totally chic! Marsala will be the IT color not just for fashion but from clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, to many different items, interior design, and beauty. Let’s accent our fashion with this color!

Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015

2. Hair

2015’s Hair Trend ‘Maximalism’

Maximalism has the meaning of the best or the highest. It’s fancy and glamorous style is completely the opposite from Minimalism which has the meaning of Simplicity. It has the base of Korea’s 60’s and 70’s vintage style of voluminous curles and waves.

- Air wave

It’s a new style of braided-waves. It will give a very sophisticated look with it’s fancy curls. The main trend for 2015 will be having voluminous waves in a up-do style.

- Two tone point color &wave

The concept will be looking natural and healthy with it’s dark and natural base color tone, we will accent the hair with another different color! It will give you a very sophisticated look. If you braid your bangs, it can also give you a fresh and cute look.

- Modern cute wave up

Compare to the natural voluminous bangs, we will give colorful and full waves for the other hair. We will need to bleach our hair first and then put Violet Red on top of it! It will be perfect for the Spring and Summer time with its’ pastel color!

Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015

3. Skin Care

2015’s skin care trend is similar to last year’s. It’s having that “Dong-Ahn” skin, which means having young and healthy looking skin.

A. Choosing the right moisturizer

Choosing the right moisturizer and using it correctly is very important. I want to introduce you to Skin&Lab’s Glacial Water Moisturizel for oily skin types. It will both care of your pores and moisturize your skin. I want to recommend Honey Cream from I’m From for dry skin types because it’s great for moisturizing, fine wrinkle care, whitening. This product has real honey in it so you will be able to feel how soft it makes your skin. COSRX’s Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream has 92% of Snail Secretion Filtrate in it which is an excellent ingredient for giving rich moisture to your skin. Without any stimulation, this product will last a long time on your skin. I want to recommend it even for sensitive skin types.

Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015

B. The importance of your Protective Layer of your skin and strengthening your immune system

Basically, a protective layer of your skin is a thin layer of protection for your skin from the outside stimulations. Also, it is to protect the moisture inside of your skin. It’s really popular also to strengthen your immune system in the skin care market. So to get that beautiful and healthy skin, Cosmeceutical and Dermacosmetic is really popular. It comes from the word Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical. What it is is a cosmetic product that has medically certified ingredients in it. Skin&Lab is a Cosmeceutical brand. They have come up with dermatological solutions from skin care experts. The products have been through many testings, many researches, and more to come up with the perfect solution for different skin problems or skin types. The Red Serum  is one of the best selling products from Skin&Lab. It takes care of whitening, wrinkle care, and also moisturizing at the same time. It’s a multi-functional serum and it is said that just in 5 days you can see results and it’s also great for the elasticity of your skin. Dermacosmetic comes from the words Dermatology and Cosmetic. What is means is that Dermatologists have participated in making more functional and professional cosmetics. C20, which is also one of the best sellers is also a Dermacosmetic product.

C. Donkey Milk Cream

In Korea, Donkey Milk Cream is popular these days. A lot of the celebrities are using and it’s really known now and everyone is wanting to try this. It’s a product that has the ingredient of Donkey Milk or Horse Oil. I know it’s not really common but it’s said to give rich moisture so everyone is dying to try it. Especially Donkey Milk is known as one of the beauty ingredients that Cleopatra used to use for her skin. Compare to regular milk, it has 5 times more Vitamin C than regular milk. Pongdang’s Donkey Milk Cream is recommended for people with dry skin not oily skin. It will make your skin really soft and smooth.

Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015

D. V-Line Mask Pack

I’ve talked about this before in my videos and in other artivles but SKQIN’s Lifting Dual Sissi Mask is an excellent product to take care of not only your skin but your face shape. It’s great for moisturizing and it’s so easy and fun to use. The sheet has holes that you can hang it to your ears to help you get V-line. If you are worried about your double chin, this also will take care of that. The quality of the sheet is really good and it doesn’t streth a lot to hold your face line tightly. If you continuously use it, it definitely will give you the V-line that you’ve always wanted. It also has Adenosine which is great for wrinkle care and to take care of your rough skin. With this mask you can both take care of moisturizing and also elasticity of your skin.

Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015

3. Make up

1. Nude tone make up that looks really natural and moistured

In 2015, natural and mositured looking skin will be in! Put on your BB cream that will give your skin a natural look and with a concealer, cover your acne scars and blemishes. If you feel like that’s not enough, then use a CC cream or a thin and bright colored foundation. Use Klair’s BB cream that helps your skin to look really natural like you already have great skin rather than making your skin look really white and bright. Then, use ENCA’s concealer to cover your blemishes and acne scars to complete the natural, moistured nude tone makeup for 2015!

2. Let’s use vivid colors for our mascara and eyeliner!

No more boring black mascara and black eyeliner!

In 2015, vivid colors will be in trend. You guys probably used black eyeliner but let’s go for a colorful hot pink or blue eyeliner. For the eye lashes, eye lashes long and voluminous that remind you of Barbie’s lashes will be in trend for 2015. Let’s add the lashes with the colorful eyeliner and you will have a trendy makeup for 2015. Usually we are used to accenting our lips for our makeup but in 2015, the trend will be to accent your eyes with fancy colors with your eye liner, lashes, and etc!

3. To finish off with a nude tone lip makeup.

Lastly, 2015’s makeup trend will be a nude tone lip makeup. By Nude tone I mean the color Beige or orange and pink color close to nude. I want to introduce you to a lipstick that I ordered recently after trying it on for one of the films for Wishtrend TV. It’s Beige’s #105 Papaver Peach lipstick. One of the reason why I liked this lipstick so much is because usually when you put a lipstick on it’s different from what you imagined. But, this lipstick was exactly the same as what I imaged and the texture was really smooth.

Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015

4. Nail

The nail trend of 2015 will be “Pinkish Beige”. Some people might think it’s a little bit too calm or boring but that’s what’s going to be hot this year! Similar to the makeup trend, natural nude tones will be in trend for this year. Even with one coat of MISQS nail polish, you can see the color vividly. The way brushes onto our nails is really soft and it doesn’t leave any brush marks. I want to recommend Shiny Pink which is a pinkish beige color that is feminine, Scarlet which is an indie pink color that is very simple, and Beige which is a calm warm beige color! My personal tip is that you put on two coats because I think two coats are always nicer to vividly show any color!

Hot Korean Beauty Trends 2015
So, we have checked out  Korean Beauty Trends 2015 ! It’s getting really warm in Korea and I think it’s time to take out all of spring clothes from the closet! With our spring clothes, let’s try the makeup or nail color that I introduced today.



  • [I’M FROM]Honey Cream (Real Honey 5.3%)USD31.90 -> USD23.93
  • [SKIN&LAB](END/160406) Dr. Pore Tightening : Glacial Water MoisturizelUSD21.99
  • [COSRX]Advanced Snail 92 All In One CreamUSD21.00
  • [PONGDANG](END/20160620) Donkey Milk All-In-One CreamUSD23.99
  • [SKQIN]Lifting Dual Sissi Mask (Gold Sissi)USD0.00 -> USD28.64
  • [BEIGE](END/20160620) Lipstick No.105 : Papaver PeachUSD22.00 -> USD15.99
  • [MISQS](END/160712) Kaya Nail Polish ver.2 (8Colors)USD3.99
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