Why you should be using honey on face

Why you should be using honey on face

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Today we are going to talk and focus on just one such natural remedy which has been used for generations to improve facial skin texture. Yes if you already guessed it you are correct, we are referring to the application of honey on face. Now honey as we know naturally contains anti-bacterial properties which are great to fight ACNE or for that matter of fact even minute skin ailments.

You would be surprised to find out a lot of people in Asia even today use honey on face to control a number of skin allergies. We are going to share some of the very prominent advantages of using honey for skincare with you today.

Different Uses of Honey on Face:

A Honey Mask: As we know honey is naturally thick and sticky. Therefore when applied on face it latches onto the skin to form a thick layered mask. Raw honey can prove to be an excellent exfoliating agent as it can enter skin pores to clean them of sebum and dirt accumulation. At the same time honey has some excellent moisturizing abilities. When applied to skin regularly it can help increase skin hydration and moisturization. Honestly speaking the application process is also very simple all you need is a bowl of honey and the application can be done with clean fingers or a silicon brush. You need to leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash it with warm water. The regular application of a honey mask will see the facial skin appearing soft, bright and full of radiance.

Facial Cleanser: Exfoliation as discussed above is a method in which the skin pores are cleaned from deep within. There are other forms of facial cleansing which can be performed with the use of honey. Some people in Asia especially India even resort to a honey and oil massage for both body and facial skin. There might just be some hidden usages of honey that one might never have really imagined. A lot of women and even young ladies of today prefer removing heavy makeup with a natural makeup remover. In which case, the very same mixture of honey and oil proves to be a boon in disguise. The mix of honey and oil form a thick balmy substance which helps remove the heaviest of makeup with absolute ease and at the same time you don’t need to risk your skin with the usage of chemical based makeup removers. On the lighter side ladies if you run out of your regular makeup remover and need an alternative home based solution. You now have one off hand solution to do the same.

ACNE Treatment: In terms of a natural remedy for ACNE or at least the initial effects, we suggest the use of honey on face. Take for instance you are transiting a phase when you are just experience the initial breakout of blackheads or whiteheads or for that matter even blemishes or redness. Just take a soft cotton ball or cotton swab and apply raw honey to the affected area. In a matter of time you will see the redness or the blemish reduce and eventually disappear. People in many Asian countries use a mix of honey, tea tree oil and even a pinch of turmeric as a daily solution towards maintaining spot free and sparkling skin.

Skin Conditions which can be treated by using honey on face:

  • Redness
  • Blemishes
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Pimples
  • Inflammation
  • Even Minor Skin Wounds

As we know the above advantages of using honey or even Manuka honey are very evident but rather than just using a regular honey mask we have for you a product which finds itself among the best skincare products in Korea and is made out of the very natural goodness of honey. The product is hugely appreciated for its effectiveness and has some great reviews to support its usage.

I’M  From Honey Mask 120g and Honey Cream 50ml + Free Silicon Brush:

I’M From Honey Mask:

Why you should be using honey on face

The I’M Honey Mask is an excellent product which contains 38.7% Natural Honey and has been sourced from the Jiri Werl-Peyung Village in Korea. The product is a pure Honey Mask and helps facilitate deep moisturization towards facial skin. The product is very effective towards adding healthy moisture to facial skin, which helps generate natural shine and nutrition in the skin from within. If you are looking for a product which Soothes Dead Skin, Improves Skin Elasticity and one that makes Skin livelier, then the I’M Honey Mask is the ideal option to look forward too.

I’M From Honey Cream:

Why you should be using honey on face

The I’M From Honey Cream is made up of nutrient rich honey which provides intensive care for parched skin. The product is made out of 5.3% Pure Honey which is sourced from the Jiri Werl-Peywang village in Korea and works wonders towards skin hydration and rejuvenation. This product is a perfect solution to double the effect of skin whitening and reverse the effects of age by improving skin elasticity. This product has countless reviews from the online community and the buzz has always focused on the magical transformation the usage of this product brings to the end user.

Silicon Brush:

Why you should be using honey on face

This product gift set comes along with a silicon brush which facilitates the easy application of the above two products. Obviously it is also possible to make the same application using your figures but if unclean the impurities on skin surface can very easily seep within skin pores with the use of facial products. Therefore it is always recommended to clean your hands before applying any skin care product or make use of silicon brush or even gloves.


These tips for using honey on face are very very helpful for those who are looking to resort to a home remedy from time to time. Alternatively if you are looking for a natural product which can be effectively used as a daily home remedy, you now don’t need to look any further.


Why you should be using honey on face

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