Honey Cream | I’m From Honey Cream Review

Hi! It’s Bronwyn here today with a review on the I’m From Honey Cream.
By now we all have heard the good word about the benefits of honey for the skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Calming & soothing
  • Skin repairing

The list goes on!
However, not everyone wants to slather their faces with raw honey to gain all those benefits.

Honey Cream | I'm From Honey Cream Review

I’m From Honey Cream

The I’m From Honey Cream claims to provide results targeted to dry and aging skin.

  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Moisturizing
  • Hydrating
  • Soothing & Calming
  • Skin Repairing
  • Whitening
  • Can be applied day & night

I’m from Honey Cream contains high amount of organic honey & honey extract. With 5.3% honey and 44.93% propolis extract. Making it very rich in honey properties from Mt. Jiri.

Honey Cream | I'm From Honey Cream Review


The texture of the product is very creamy with a slight sticky gel like texture. When the cream makes contact with the skin, it immediately spreads evenly over the skin with a water texture, almost as if it is melting into a liquid. Once spread over the skin, you feel as if you just used a water mist over top. As if the cream is generating a layer of water droplets over the skin.

Honey Cream | I'm From Honey Cream Review

After the cream has started to absorb, it leave a very shinny and very mildly sticky feeling to the skin. Making it not so ideal for under makeup or for day time wearing. But… it smells really good like honey!

Based on the texture alone, I would only wear this cream during the night time as a sleeping pack. It’s texture overall is very thick and extremely moisturizing and hydrating while leaving behind a slight sticky texture.

Honey Cream | I'm From Honey Cream Review



For me, I have combination sensitive skin that can also be acne prone. Sometimes my skin is very dry while other times it can become more oily.
When I used this cream in the day-time as directed, it was too much for my skin. I began to develop some clogged pores.
However, during the night-time this cream worked amazingly for rehydrating and moisturizing my skin!
When waking up in the morning after using this cream, my skin felt very plump, firm and thoroughly moisturized.
Literally making me excited to apply my base makeup, knowing my skin would look flawless and moist all day.
Which it did.

However, with the I’m From Honey Cream, I did not see any results for its claim to brighten and whiten the skin. After using this for 2 weeks, I saw no improvement in post acne scars.
But, I honestly wasn’t expecting to see those sort of results from a moisturizing cream. In my experience, you can only see actually brightening and whitening results from serums or creams that focus only on whitening. Since the I’m From Honey Cream is mainly for skin repair and moisture, I was not surprised.

Honey Cream | I'm From Honey Cream Review


I think this cream is fabulous as a night cream or even in replacement of a sleeping pack. It provided me with plump, soft, well hydrated and moisturized skin over night. I was happy to wake up in the morning to super supple looking skin. The hydration lasted all day without any dryness or tight sensations throughout the day. It is perfect for the winter time if your suffer from seasonal dry skin.

If you have a very dry skin type year-round, this is a great cream to use at night or during the day if you skin is severely dry. Or trying doing 1/2 Honey cream and 1/2 toner for a lighter day-time application for dry skin during the day.

Because this cream was too rich for me during the day, I couldn’t really fall in-love with it. However as a night cream it certainly was a nice treat for my skin!


What are your thoughts on using creams and other skincare products with honey as the main ingredient? Who you or have you tried it?
Let me know in the comments!


Honey Cream | I'm From Honey Cream Review


  • [I’M FROM]Honey Cream (Real Honey 5.3%)USD31.90 -> USD23.93
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