Home workouts using a towel

Hi! It’s me. Eunice!

It’s so cold these days, it’s really hard to make myself come out of my blanket! Ugh! Maybe it’s because I’m from L.A.(the best weather ever!) but it’s so cold here in Korea. I feel such like a couch potato and I feel so lazy just staying home! But it’s so important that we take care of our body at times like this. But! I’m telling you, I can’t even make myself go to the gym because of the cold weather! soOo that’s why today I wanted to share some of my home workouts! All u need is a towel and everyone has that right!? And also I’m gonna introduce some amazing products that u can use to go with the workouts to boost up the effect of exercising!

Prepare a towel first

Home workouts with just a towel can be done easily by everyone and anyone! This is becoming really popular in Korea. Especially, the rookie singer, Boram Park is known to have lost 32kg by doing this towel workout and by eating healthy! We can all loose a few pounds with this easy work out! Before we start stretching I want to remind you that as tight as you pull the towel, the most effect you can feel and see. Also, the time where u can see the most effect for towel work out for our diet is at night time before we go to bed. Before our bedtime, if we do a light stretching and this towel work out then it will help you to fall asleep better and it will also of course help you with your diet^.~ Okay! then let’s start with stretching!

Stretch before exercising

This is the stretches that I do before I work out! These stretches are also great for those of you who have shoulder, neck, and headaches because of your bad posture for sitting on the desk for too long or because of using cell phones for too long. A lot of us I know have been getting pains because we spend so much time in front of our computers so this will be perfect for those of you who have those pains and for those who just wants to stretch before u work out. Stretching is also important beause u don’t want to hurt yourself or pull a muscle when u start working out!

Home workouts using a towel

How to do Home workout using a towel

First you put your left hand behind your back and tilt your head to the right and with your right hand you pull down your head towards the grown to stretch your neck. You will repeat this on the other side also. Then get the towel and with the towel make sure you support your neck and put it in behind your neck and tilt backwards and stretch. Last, you will use both of your hands to pull down your head facing downward looking at your bellybutton. Okay! now you are ready! Let’s start with our home workouts using just a towel^.~

Like I said before, this is what Boram Park did for her diet. This is for your forearms. Grab your towel with both hands, bend your elbows towards your body and with your right hand up where your shoulds are, and left hand towards your waist. And put strength in both hands equally and put at the opposite direction. Repeat for 10 seconds 3 times for each sides.

Now for your back muscles! This will also slim the fat near your armpit area also~Grab the towel with two hands behind you and pull tightly. Do it for 10 seconds and put it down. Do 3 sets. Now, after u are done, you are going to do the same thing but now try to pull both hands up as high as possible upwards and hold on for 10 seconds and do 3 sets of this. You can easily pull a muscle with this exercise so u need to stretch for sure before this^.~

For slimming your thigh and calf, sit down and straighten your legs in front of you. Then you will grab the towel with both hands and hang it on your foot and stretch by going down and pulling the towel towards your body at the same time. Repeat on the other side. I stretch for 10 seconds and I do 3 sets but you can do it longer if you want, the point here is to make sure your legs are not bent!

This work out is for your abs! For me honestly, this is the most difficult one because I really have no muscles on my stomach, I mean like at all! none! so I always kinda shake and feel really weak when I do this! But it’s too hard if you have some abs! All u have to do is get into the sit-ups position and then you will lift both feet 1ft from the grown. Fold the towel ones to make it shorter and then put it between your knees, and then pull with both hands. In that position you will do sit-ups while you go up, pull the towel. You can do 10times and then rest and do 3 sets or more if you feel like u can do more!

This is a personal favorite work out for a really pretty apple bottom hip that we all want! But with this, u don’t even need a towel! All u are going to do is, grab onto any wall, and then lift one leg and stretch it out like u are kicking someone horizontally! Repeat this 30 times and that’s 1 set. U can do 3 sets but this work out is really hard for make sure you stretch your legs and hip area before you do it or def. you can pull a muscle!

SoOo wala~ that was the home workouts using just a towel! You can check out the video at Wishtrend tv! The video will be easily for you to see and follow^.~ These exercises may looke asy but they are not! Please try it~ it’s a great way to stretch and also to loose weight and it’s so easy to do at home with just a towel so please try! Now~Let me introduce u to some products that you can use with these work outs to see greater effect!

For greater effect:

[Lei Lani] Hello Body Designer

This is a wonderful product for massaging for after care and it’s also called 44Massage Oil. After working out, if you stretch and massage your body then it will definitely help with body care. You can use it as a serum before working out or after working out use it as a massage oil and stretch. After working out, if you don’t have any after care, some people get really swollen so it’s really important to use body oil. This oil is 100% natural oil so it’s very soft and you can also use it for your face! I was aftraid at first because some oils make me break out on the body but this one didn’t! And not to mention that it’s 300ML so u can share it with you whole family.

[23YEARS OLD] CXDX Carboxy Body Shaper Pro

Rather then painful diet shots, let’s take care of our body with carboxy patches! I’ve actually gotten the shots before on my tummy, and it was so painful and I felt like it really didn’t do much! This patch used carbonic acid and it is a very simple and practical patch to smooth the roughness of your skin and prevent your skin from becoming dry. It’s so simple to use, all you do is put the gel on the parts of the body u want to take care of, and then put the patch on. If you rap it over with a rap then you can see twice the effect! Before of after using the patch. Also do stimulating exercises for the part of the body that u have the patch on.

[TOSOWOONG] Stretch-RX Prevent and Reduce Cream

I’ve received so many questions about stretch marks before so that’s why I really wanted to share this product with you guys! There are a lot of us out there having trouble with stretch marks right? I have some on my butt so when I wear a bikini, I try to cover that area all the time! The main ingredients of this product is Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Macadamia seed oil, and Vanistryl which is great for rich moisture and nourishment! The texture is very soft and it’s a cream type! It’s not sticky and it soaks into your skin really fast. The scent is not strong and I want to recommend it for those of you who want to prevent skin damage and wants to improve your skin to a more healthier, smoother, shinier skin!

[TOSOWOONG] Pueraria Boost Serum (Breast Care)

If you want to make your breasts a little bigger(which I think all of us wouldn’t mind hehe), and if your breasts sag down a little then I want to recommend u this product! This is a product where u just have to put it on and your breast becomes bigger! It also ranked #1 for body care and you can also put it on your butt, thighs, arm, and calfs for firming of your body! 40% of Pueraria, main ingredient for breast cream is in the product! The texture is not watery but chewy and after you put it on it’s not sticky at all and soaks into yoru skin very fast so u can put on your bra right after! Put it on twice a day in the morning and at night without any water on your body. Massage your breast from the outside to the inside, like you are pushing it up, and massage softly.

I hope that the home work outs(towel work out) and diet products will help you guys! I know it’s freezing but let’s start working out with the products that I introduced u to so that we can get ready for our bikinis for the summer! hehe!

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I'm not a doctor or an expert! But I really have used these products and wanted to share some of the awesome products and tips that I love and have actually worked for me! Thanks for reading^.~ and God Bless You!