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Today we talk of time management and how we can better our appearance just by managing our time better. A lot of us in the Republic of Korea and in face the World over have one common addiction. If you are guessing “well watching television is something that most of us resort to on a daily basis”. However not many of us have ever realized that is this actually a time where we could do a lot more to better our appearance.

Have you ever considered the application of a facial mask when you are watching television? Think about it, the application of a face mask while watching TV would be like killing two birds with a single stone. You are having your share of entertainment and with your best mask on for facial care, you manage to both enjoy the Big Game or Favorite Movie and realize an hour later that your skin is looking so fresh and naturally hydrated like never before.

Busy Lifestyles, hectic schedules and family responsibilities do make it difficult to allocate time for a dedicated face care therapy or even a simple application of a mask. So why not do it when the dedicated time wont hamper your area of interest and get you an appearance which will make you feel more confident and better about your own self.

Another sincere addition to the list of better time management in terms of facial care is the time you spend relaxing in a bath tub. Some of us really like to jump in a warm water bath tub and soak ourselves till we are relaxed to the core. We would definitely not mind dedicating a good half hour to this process, so why not consider the application of your best mask and provide the required nourishment and relaxation to the tired facial skin as well.

Things to keep in mind:

Obviously in terms of facial care while watching television, there is only one aspect that we have to keep in mind. The application of the facial mask should not discomfort us or disrupt out process of watching television. For this the ideal recommendation would be to wear a sheet mask which is easy to wear. The advantage with sheet masks over application masks is that they don’t need to be washed. In fact if you read the instruction on most sheet masks they would tell you to end the process with the application of the liquid content from the mask package. In addition to this modern masks today are made to fit the face neatly, thus giving us the comfort of keeping our eyes open with the mask on.

Following is a sheet Mask Kit which is certified for its effectiveness, the products we recommend are safe to use on all skin types even the most sensitive of skin. The sheet masks find themselves among the best selling masks in the Republic of Korea.


The Best Selling Sheet Mask Kit:

A complete kit of the best masks:

Firstly we have the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask. This mask is based on a unique formulation and is made out of pure cotton. Each mask contains a bottle of rich moisturizing essence and is ideally suited to sooth skin and get it free of irritation.

Next we have the Natural Vitamin Enhancing 21.5 Sheet Mask. This mask is made up from 11% Vitamin C and 10.5% Vitamin E. This mask is an excellent product for those who are looking for deep moisturization, skin calming, anti-ageing and skin whitening. This mask fits very well in a daily skin care routine.

Thirdly we have the Benton Snailbee High Content Mask which is ideally suited to care after skin pores and with wrinkle treatment. This mask is a multi-purpose mask and along with pore care the usage of this mask facilitates skin moisturizing and whitening. The product contains medically prescribed quantities of Bee Venom and Snail Secretion Filtrate which is ideally suited for skin improvement and repair. The product is absolutely natural and contains no Alcohol, Water or Harmful Ingredients.

Finally we have the Cosrx Holy Moly Snail Mask which again is a natural Mask sheet which facilitates deep moisturization and improves skin elasticity. This sheet works as a moisture lock and contains a layer of nourishment formulated with Snail Mucin and Ginseng Water. If you are looking to restore your skin with the required amounts of hydration, then it can’t get better than this Snail Mask from Cosrx.


The above kit contains a careful selection of the best masks which are ideally suited for skin exfoliation, repair and hydration. So Friends I am sure you have made up your mind to better utilize your TV time from now.


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