How to make heat-free Office Bun hair

Heat-free Office Bun hair

Heat-free Office Bun hair Tutorial

Hello pretties! Today I’m finally here with a hair tutorial, which I think it’s a basic skill to have! It’s making a casual bun if you’re out of hair bands or bobbi pins. This hair is great when you’re in the office or at school and you have only pens and pencils to utilize as a hair tool. This is the way where lots of Korean girls used to do at school and the pencil trick was motivated from a very traditional accessory called Binyue. Really simple and heat-free! 

1. Start off with untangled hair.
2. Now gather your hair in one.
3. Twist it.
4. You’re going to roll the twisted strand to a bun and make as secure as possible.
5. Grab any pencil or a pen to pin it and start from the inside of the bun.
6. Cross the bun, the pencil also has to penetrate the hair outside of the bun and drag a section with the pencil point.
7. Flip the direction of the pencil and penetrate it back to the other side of the bun.
8. Now it’s secure and you’re ready to work!

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  • sheena

    hi ^^ thabks for the tutorial! ^^ can you also make a tutorial for formal-looking hair buns like what the korean air stewardesses wear? thank you!

    • Scarlett Ma

      Hello, Thank you so much for your feedback! Okay, I will consider that when I make a plan for blog contents! Thank you <3 Please look around the other useful articles as well ;)