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Today we have a special article which focuses on healthy glowing skin. This is the one thing that we as individuals have always desired. Today’s article will focus on and provide you with lots of Tips to maintain flawless skin. The route to achieving glowing healthy skin is not easy, remember it requires a lot of determination and hard work to achieve the desirable.

Tips for Glowing Healthy Skin


Remember girls what you eat is the stepping stone for you to achieve flawless skin. People who eat unhealthy are known to suffer from skin issues, hence transforming your diet into a healthy alternative can only prove beneficial. Eating the right amounts of nutrients in the form of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre is essential to maintain a healthy and functioning body and in the process achieve glowing healthy skin.

Some Foods we Suggest:

  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Broccoli
  • Eggs
  • Soybeans
  • Omega 3 Rich Foods
  • Walnuts
  • Seeds
  • Salmon


Consume a lot of fluids, this will help you to flush out a lot of impurities and toxins from within the body. The scientific composition of our skin is made up of 15% water. Therefore consumption of water, juices or any sort of healthy fluids eliminate toxins and both hydrate and purify human skin up to an unimaginable extent.


A full body detox is very recommended for those with skin troubles. A detox is generally done with a fruit or vegetable diet plan. A detox cleans the digestive system to improve the function of the human body. A clean digestive track would see a significant reduction in skin troubles.

Clean the Makeup:

Ladies we know makeup is something we all do with passion and it does help enhance the attraction factor. However a late night party and tiring day at the office should not compel you to return home and sleep with the makeup on. We know that a lot of the cosmetic products come with heavy chemicals which can harm skin if left unwashed. It is therefore recommended they we must wash off the makeup before we sleep. The application of a night cream can work wonders after removing makeup. It is also recommended to use makeup or cosmetic products which are formulated with natural ingredients only.

Cover up:

When you are outdoors under the influence of the sun please use a sun screen or wear your sun protection factor. It will protect you and your skin from overheating and tanning.

Develop a Skincare Routine

  • Cleans

Cleaning the skin is very important, it is recommended to clean your face twice or thrice in one day. Cleaning the facial skin with a lotion would help wash off the excess oil, dirt and pollution which has settled on the surface of the skin.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps an individual to remove dry skin and sebum accumulation from deep within the skin pores. It is this process which makes the skin look young and fresh by removing dead and dry skin to display the younger and fresh skin that lies below.

  • Serum

Serums seep deep within skin pores to free skin pores of clogging and sebum. Generally a serum is associated with an exfoliation or anti-ageing process. A Skincare routine without a serum would be incomplete or least effective.

  • Toner

Toner is a product which is used in cleaning skin more effectively. Toners are generally applied to cleans skin and improve skin tone (as the name suggests). The primary function of a toner is to shrink the size of the pore to prevent it from re-clogging after a facial cleansing or exfoliation therapy.

  • ACNE

ACNE is a result of a lot of impurities remaining within the body. This is the combination of both internal factors and external pollution. The above Tips would definitely help you control the effects of ACNE and develop healthy glowing skin for yourself.

Now like always we would be recommending you some very cool products which would help you to amplify your appearance and help you look very bright and youthful. The products we recommend are safe to use and are ranked among the best selling skincare products in the Republic of Korea.

Our Recommendations

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner:


The Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is based on a non-sticky formulation and is ideally suited to hydrate tired and fatigued skin. The use of this product is naturally known to reduce skin irritation as it improves the skins ability to absorb moisture. This product is excellent for usage after you have cleansed facial skin. The use of this product also improves skin texture and also helps the skin to maintain an optimum pH balance. Finally this product has been voted the best selling skin serum from Glowpick, which is known to provide absolute genuine and impartial product reviews.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream:


The Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream is meant for people with extra sensitive skin and for those individuals who are not finding a remedy to their skin troubles with the products they are currently using. The usage of this product is known to relieve skin of stress and irritation. A special feature of the product is its ability to calm and strengthen barriers in extremely sensitive skin. Finally what sets this product apart is a key ingredient, which is a plant based component extracted from camomile oil. It is this very ingredient which gives product a natural blue color and its effectiveness to combat skin troubles.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop:


The Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is a multi-solution product which is suited to reduce skin irritation and transform stressed skin into something looking hydrated and fresh. The product is formulated with pure Vitamin C which adds a natural dose of health to the skin to make it look rejuvenated. Finally the product also contains 5% ascorbic acid which is known to have anti-oxidation properties which is again suited to reduce skin irritation. The use of this product is safe and is suited to all types of skin, even sensitive skin.

Ladies signing off today and wishing with a lot of good luck, towards you achieving glowing healthy skin.



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