Health: What is pilates

What is pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is body therapy which is a lot similar to but a bit different from yoga. This therapy started by Joseph Pilates in the first World War. Pilates got well-known throughout the world that many celebrities take classes to stay in fit, but it initially made as remedial exercise.

You can consider it as a static movement but it truly helps our body to build muscle from very inside of our body to outer parts. The reason why it is a very hard exercise is that the breathing method is quite different from normal working out programs.

What is pilates

Costal Respiration

The most important thing to remember is that we open our ribs when the air travels through our nose, and exhale with closing the ribs at the same time. It is quite awkward to breath through whole program to the beginners due to its different ways of respiration from our everyday and unconscious breathing.

Core Muscle To understand ‘what is pilates’, ‘Core’ is the main part that we would concentrate on. Core is the central part of our body, from abdominal to back. The idea of building core is that it connects upper and lower parts with strong muscular strength to endure gravity.



With these chairs, reformers, and tools, exercise can be done by lying, kneeling, and sitting. It is appropriate to do 2-3 times a week based on all kinds of purpose: rehabilitation, body reforming, and diet. Also, therapist recommends to wear sports wear that fits to your body, to see the movement of the muscle.

As this exercise is pretty unmovable, there are couple of other tips to maximize pilates effect.

What is pilates

First, light jogging or night stroll will be helpful to lower body fat when you are on diet. I recommend to go out with your running shoes when you are off-pilates day.

Second, try to eat low fat food for dinner. I recommend to eat chicken breast salad, or any kinds of food that contains vegetable, vitamin, protein.

Third, before you do pilates, a cup of coffee will be helpful to elevate metabolism. If you are not sensitive to caffein, try to drink 30 minutes before start working out.

Fourth, it is important to stretch before and after main exercise-main exercise could be jogging, stroll, and pilates-. It will prevent injury, and warm down your body.

Plus, Slimming & Tightening

I would like to share information about products that will be helpful when you using them while doing pilates.

1. Hello Body Designer! Body Massage Oil

It cares your body with shaping &slimming program. Use it after finishing stretching, and it helps to replenish the hydration and nutrients lost by the skin during the exercise and encourages circulation to control and prevent any bloating and swelling.

2. CXDX Derma Body Airtoxs+

It is a cellulite cream for targeted area: hamstrings, arms, and belly… Using or not using a product cause significant difference, that I saw results in a week, while I was using it for everyday.

3. Help My Body Slimming Patch

It is a patch for certain part, and very similar to products from above. It cools down, and reduce volume that we could not achieve only from working out.



What is pilates

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