Are you new to the world of anti-aging? Well if so, you need to remember to start looking beyond skincare for the face and towards skincare for your hands! Yes, that is correct, not only do you need to take proper care of the skin on your face and neck to maintain healthy youthful looking skin, but also your hands.

Hand Cream & Anti-Aging

Throughout the years in women’s beauty, the number 1 signs of someone’s true age is always the hands and the neck! These are the 2 most common places women neglect when it comes to anti-aging skincare. The neck and the hands are 2 areas on the body that have a thin layer of skin that experiences a large amount of movement.Not only does the next and have experienced much movement that can accelerate the appearance of skin aging, but the skin on the hands is the most exposed to environmental stressors and harsh chemicals from daily life. Things like dish soap, hand soap, UV rays from the sun, hair dye, detergents and other aggressors can seriously advance the signs of aging on the hands.

The most common age giveaway in mild aged and elderly women is always linked to the appearance of their hands. Which is why it just as important to treat your hands with the same care you give to your face and neck, especially if anti-aging is something you want to take seriously as a young woman. So where do you start? using hand cream daily is a great start to anti-aging care for your hands. As we age, our skin naturally produces less and less collagen and peptides which make our skin look youthful. This can be very apparent in the hands. If you have started to notice your hands feel dry, tight and itchy on a daily basis, then it is time to use hand cream daily to slow down the appearance of aging on the hands.

Hand Cream Hacks

1: If you are looking for some serious anti-aging hand cream and hand care hacks, then try using gloves! There are such things as hand masks on the market, but you can easily create a just as effective hand treatment at home by simply using gloves with your hand cream of choice! Simply apply a generous amount of hand cream to your hands, then apply some latex or hair dying gloves and leave on for 15-20 minutes! Once the time is up, remove the gloves then massage the remaining hand cream into the skin. You can also use coconut oil instead of hand cream, just make sure to rinse it off well with warm water once the time is up if you choose to use coconut oil.

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2: Let’s be honest, sometimes we feel too lazy to be bothered with the extra step of applying hand cream daily. Not only are we lazy, but the feeling of hand cream can also be annoying if you still plan to use your hands for tasks or to check your mobile devices. So for this hack, simply add a little extra skincare for your face when you are doing your evening skincare routine. Then whatever skincare is excess on your hands from massaging on the face, simply massage the remainder into the hands and neck! This is a simple and easy way for us lazy anti-aging skincare fans to remember to take care of our hands all while doing your evening routine. Plus, our facial skincare tends to have more anti-aging ingredients in it than simple hand cream. Not only are you saving time, but you’re also getting more benefits!

So remember ladies, if you are getting into the world of anti-aging, it is not only important to take care of your face, but also your neck and the hands! Not to mention, you can even take that extra step and work to take care of your feet and body as well as these areas can be just as neglected as the neck and hands when it comes to anti-aging skincare. Let’s work to keep our skin all over looking healthier and youthful, longer!

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