If you’re like me, you always wait until the last minute to throw together a Halloween costume.
I always mean to start planning earlier, but I’m just too lazy to make it happen. This year, instead of scrambling at the last minute, try one of these cute, quick costume ideas.

Our Halloween Costumes Ideas

1. Pretty Black Cat

Some people say that black cats are bad luck, but on Halloween they are the perfect ticket to an easy, adorable costume! All you need is a cute black outfit and a little bit of makeup and you’re well on your way.

For your costume, you can be as casual or dressed up as you want. You can wear black tights and a dress, or black pants and a cute top if that’s more your style. You can find a pair of cheap cat ears, or, if your hair is long enough, you can even twist it up into little cat ears and save a little bit of money.

To complete the look, all you need is a fierce, winged cat-eye liner, a little bit of skilled contouring and a cute, painted-on kitty nose. You can even add a few whiskers if you’re feeling frisky!

2. Funny Snapchat Filter

I don’t know about you, but I live for the hilarious and quirky photo filters on Snapchat. Being able to take selfies as a dog, a diva or even as a butterfly princess has seriously upped my selfie game. If you’re a lazy girl looking for a cute, quick costume, why not just keep it simple and dress up as your favorite filter?

With a little bit of DIY and the right makeup, you can choose to be whatever face-altering filter your heart desires! You can make a cheap flower crown and pile on the highlight or dress all in pink and do a luminous pink face of makeup to be that sparkling pink filter we all love. You can even get crafty and be the dog, deer or safari animal filters with a friend!

3. Your Favorite Barbie

Basically, this costume is going to let you be the most adorable, glam version of yourself possible. Even if you weren’t a Barbie doll lover as a kid, this is one of the best lazy girl costumes ever because all you really have to do is get ready like you would on any other night out.

You can be just about any kind of “Barbie” you can think of. Throw on a cardigan and some thick glasses to be Teacher Barbie (or even Schoolgirl Barbie). Dress in your cutest workout clothes and tease your hair to be Workout Barbie. Pull out your prom dress and get a tiara to be Princess Barbie…the possibilities are pretty much endless if you use your imagination.

4. Glamorous Woodland Creature

This one is as simple as the black cat, but with a wild twist. Instead of being a cat, choose your favorite forest animal! There are lots of easy makeup ideas for dressing up as a doe, a fox, a bear or even a squirrel, and the best part is that you can mix and match your wardrobe to suit whichever animal you decide to be!

The key to all of these costume ideas is a great face of makeup. To do your makeup for any of these looks, you want to start with a good base. After all, your makeup needs to last all night! Whether you need a matte, satin or glowing finish, the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion is perfect for a face that will stay all day (or night!). This limited edition cushion is a new, improved formula available exclusively on our site. If you love the Mochi BB cream, you will love the upgraded Mochi BB cushion.

The Mochi BB cushion is actually a special product with a thicker, balm-like consistency to help fill in all of your pores and give you a beautiful, flawless finish. The apricot tone of the makeup ensures that yellow or reddish undertones can be color-corrected into a bright, even face. The cushion also has a higher level of coverage than the original BB cream, and it will dry down to a matte finish, almost like you set your face with powder.

The cushion is also incredibly cute and compact, so you can tuck it into a clutch or even discreetly into your costume if you need to do any mid-party touchups.


Remember, even the lazy girls can look super cute on Halloween with these Halloween costumes ideas! With a little imagination and some carefully applied makeup, your costume will look like it was planned for weeks.



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