Fall/Winter hairstyles for long hair and hair care tips.

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Are you thinking of a new hairstyle for this winter? Are you bored up with the same old hairstyle? Do you want to change your look with a trendy hairstyle? No need to get stressed out; simply check the hairstyle which suits your hair and face. The following are some trendy hairstyles for this fall/winter especially, for long hair:


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  • Mermaid Curls: using heated rollers is the best way to add glamour to your dull hair. Allow to cool the curls, before teasing them out. You can even half-tie them for an evening outing. 
  • Glamour Wavy: give your wavy hair a glamorous look by adding some bouncy waves to it. Roughly blow-dry your hair and wrap some sections of your hair around waving wand for 10 seconds. Once your whole hair is curled and cooled, finish with a light hair spray to hold your style for long. 
  • Retro Wave: Use a large paddle brush and blow dry your hair on the low setting to protect them from getting damaged. Blow-dry the hair and add volume and bounce to your hair. This is an easy, quick and everyday hairstyle which gives your hair a natural bounce.
  • Beehive: this hairstyle takes you back to 60’s. Simply brush the front-top section of your hair back and push forward to create a lift as you go higher. This is the latest hairstyle which adds volume to your hair on top and curling the loose ends adds a feminine touch.
  • Loose Wave: loose wavy hairstyle is a best hairstyle for the winter season. Loose curls suit all types of hair and face shape. If you want to make natural waves easier & faster, check this Hair Styling Specialist.
  • Voluminous Hair: increase the volume of your hair with heating rollers. Simply tease your hair into big by brushing them up and away from the roots to add volume to them.


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  • Sleek Locks: this is a trendy and an all weather hairstyle especially for extremely long hair. Take a hair straightener and give a softer and smoother look.
  • Roughly Wet Hairstyle: this hairstyle is best for the people who want to add wet look to their hair without blow-drying. Simply take a wax or a gel and apply it on your hair and softly comb your hair using fingers.
  • Fringe Hairstyle: this hairstyle is best to hide any forehead wrinkles or dryness due to harsh weather. This gives you a blunt look and keeps your sleek shinny hair intact.
  • Sleek Bob Bangs Hair: add some volume to your classic bob style. Styling your hair short from the back and long from front will make you look younger!


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  • Low Pony Tail: simply tie up a low and loose pony tail. This hairstyle avoids any hair fall as your hair are all tied up. This is the best hair-style for long and medium length hair. Or making a side low ponytail is a great way to add volume to your hair by keeping it loose.
  • Curly Ponytail: curling the mid-length and ends of your hair with thick curling tong helps in creating big and bouncy curls. Gently tease out the curls to give them a wavy touch and loosely back into a low pony, leaving the front section free.
  • Twisted Hairstyle: parting your hair on one side and twisting the front part of the section backwards towards the ear and pinning it, gives you a younger look.
  • Chic Bun: make a ponytail at the crown of your head and wrap it around to make a bun. This keeps your hair tied up and easy to manage at the beach. This is quick to try and make for an outing.
  • Event Hairstyle: roll the lengths of your hair towards the nape of the neck. Hold with bobby pins and for quiff, blow-dry the front hair up and back. Use any hair spray to hold the style for long especially for an event. 


  • Brushing your hair: brushing your hair 40-50 times a day is a good habit to improve the blood circulation to your scalp.
  • Oiling Hair: Apply hair treatment oil on your hair at least twice a week, adds moisture and keeps them soft and smooth even after wash.
  • Tie your hair: tying your hair before hitting the bed will avoid any friction between the pillow and your hair.
  • Wash with Cold Water: always wash your hair with cold water as it helps in tightening the pores on your scalp which improves blood circulation to your scalp.
  • Avoid Blow Dry: keep your hair away from blow drying as much as possible. When using a blow-dryer, make sure to keep it on the low setting and don’t pull your hair much while blow-drying. And Don’t forget to apply the hair protecting essence before dry your hairs.
  • Quality Shampoo: Don’t pay no attention to choose a shampoo. If you have dry and lifeless hair, make sure to use the qualified hair shampoo which containing rich vitamins & minerals.
  • Conditioner/ Serum: always use hair conditioner or hair treatment product after shampoo. And use a hair treatment ampoule on your wet hair before combing your hair, if you have frizzy hair.
  • Regularly Trim your hair: trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to protect your hair from split-ends.
  • Nutritious Food: eating nutritious and healthy food also helps to get long and healthy hair. The vitamins and minerals which your body consumes take care of your hair. Eating Walnuts, Salmon, Eggs, Oyster, Blueberries, Greek Yogurt, etc. are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Zinc, Vitamin C and other vital minerals.

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