Hi everyone! It’s Bronwyn here again today to share my big secret on how I manage my dry and chemically damaged hair! My hair isn’t perfect, but for hair that has been died and bleached countless times and eve went through a terrible chemical straightening disaster, I can say with confidence that my hair is in pretty good condition for what it has gone through.

So let me share with you my best hair repairing secrets.

Your Hair Needs Repairing If:

  • It feels dry
  • It looks stiff
  • You fear brushing it
  • The ends break off easily
  • It is frizzy and crinkly

If you feel this way about your hair, then you are like me and have or are currently suffering from hair that is desperate need of repairing!

Let me share with you my hair repairing secrets for helping to manage hair that is suffering.

1. Weekly Intensive Treatment

Now at LEAST once a week, do an intensive treatment, and by intensive I really mean INTENSIVE! Your hair is no joke and you need all the moisture and repair it can get. So lets get real with our treatments. My secret is, once a week I shower, towel dry my hair and apply a treatment. I apply a crazy large amount of treatment to fully coat my hair while avoiding the scalp. Then, I place a plastic hair cap on or I wrap my hair in plastic wrap, then wrap a towel over that and let it sit for HOURS. I leave it in for at least 4 hours and if possible, all day. Doing this has seriously rescued my hair from chemical damage.


For this I like to use the best treatments or the best conditioners. Meaning I avoid basic conditions and treatments and use those that contain lots of natural oils, collagen, keratin, biotin and more. I recommend using the HELLOEVERYBODY B Will Save Your Hair. It is an intensive Biotin hair treatment that contains lots of natural rich ingredients to help repair hair. Leaving this in for as long as possible will strengthen hair and repair it.


2. Oil Oil Oil

If I don’t put oil in my hair after showering, it really shows. My hair will feel rough and coarse. So I always make sure to add high quality 100% argan oil to my hair once it has been towel dried. Everyone should already know how popular argan oil is for the hair as it is deeply moisturizing and repairing. However lots of drug store brand argan oil products contain mostly filler ingredients and other chemicals that only make the hair feel healthy. It is ESSENTIAL to use 100% argan oil in your hair is it is severely damaged. I apply it after every shower and whenever my hair feels dry, focusing on the ends and working half way up my hair avoiding the scalp.


I recommend the Lei Lani Argan 100 Natural Oil. This high quality 100% argan oil will smooth and repair damaged hair, plus because it is 100%, there are no filler ingredients, so a little goes along way and it can be used on the face and body as well!


So those are my hair repairing secrets. If you can do the treatment part more then once a week, that will be even better! However we are busy people and don’t always have that many hours to dedicate to hair, but I promise if you do it at least once a week, you will see results fast! So try it out, you will have salon silky hair in no time :)




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