Goodbye to Greasy Hair! Best Shampoo for Oily Hair, Oily Scalp & Dry Hair

By now, I’ve asked you “what is your skin type?” more than enough. My question to you today is “what is your hair type?” Oh! And another question, “what is your scalp type?”. As much as it is important to know what your skin type is, being aware of my scalp and hair condition is crucial not only to have silky and healthy hair to show off but also to prevent dandruff or hair loss which can be as stressful or even more than any other skincare concerns.

Never Leave Out Your Scalp

We wash our hair every morning or every night or at least once in two days. (or even once in three or four days..?) But try to recall your shampoo and treatment step in the shower. Most of us focus on shampooing your hair, conditioning your hair to get that silky flawless hair. But, you are missing something very important and it is the scalp shampooing step! Some of you might be unfamiliar with this term, however, the scalp is where your hair grows, let’s say the foundation and the canvas for healthy hair. So, if your scalp is not treated the proper way, it will go angry. And what we mean by proper is different according to what scalp and hair condition you have.

Among different scalp and hair conditions, today, I’m here with a solution for those who has been suffering from the oily scalp and greasy hair. If you already know that you have oily scalp and hair great! But if you are still a bit confused about whether you have an oily scalp, here are some ways to determine here are some ways to figure out if you are.

How to Recognize this Hair Type?

• The hair looks dull and lifeless most of the times.
• However much you shampoo, your hair will look greasy and limp in just a day or two.
• Excess oil secretion leads to dandruff which results in a lot of hair fall.

Oily Scalp & Oily Hair

Now that you know if you have oily scalp and oily hair, it’s time to take a look into some detailed steps on how to give that specific care so that you can finally escape from heavy and greasy hair and get back that fresh and light feeling onto your scalp. You only have to remember two key words; scalp shampooing and scalp cooling. It’s always important to keep your scalp in a cool temperature because the heat on your scalp can be one of the reasons your scalp is crying with oil.

1. Scalp Shampoo

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Pump around 3-4 pumps of the [JUNGLE BOTANICS] Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo onto your palms and add water to lather up. Then concentrate on your scalp when applying and massaging the soft bubble. Use your tips of the fingers to massage and shampoo your scalp at the same time. The menthl capsules of the shampoo will give that great cooling effect onto your scalp helping to lower the scalp temperature. It will not only cool your heat-irritated sensitive scalp but also cleanses your scalp of unnecessary oils that weigh your hair down.

2. Hair Shampoo

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If you are done with scalp shampoo, it’s time to move onto your hair. With the same shampoo that you used for your scalp shampoo your hair. But when you apply the shampoo onto your hair, avoid rubbing the product roughly onto your hair but rather apply the shampoo as if you are applying hair treatment or essence. Grab parts of your hair and with combing and sliding motion, make sure that your hair gets all the goodness of the shampoo. Using the shampoo that is free of silicone and phthalate and has natural ingredients and plant extracts, it will balance not only cleanse away impurities off from your hair but also give that safe cuticle conditioning as well.

3. Hair Treatment

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Of course, if you are done with scalp and hair shampoo step, it’s time to give treatment to your hair. Some of you with oily scalp and greasy hair might be afraid to add a treatment or a conditioner into your hair care step. However, you won’t have to worry if you simply choose the right hair treatment product. With [JUNGLE BOTANICS] Forest Leaves Warming Treatment that will help nutrients to be fully absorbed into your hair your hair won’t feel heavy or burdensome since the formula is not too thick or heavy. But compared to other hair types such as dry or damaged hair, use a smaller amount and evenly apply it onto the parts that you feel it’s dry. And then leave it for around 3-5 minutes and make sure to rinse off well with lukewarm water.

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Continue with this simple 3 steps to help you escape from oily scalp and greasy hair, and you’ll see a difference in no time. Always remember to choose your shampoo and treatment right and use it in a way that will improve your scalp and hair condition the most.

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